Instagram wants to revolutionize (again) its Stories

Like WhatsApp, Messenger or Facebook, the Instagram application is constantly evolving, with many adjustments and other new features offered by Meta, the parent company . And if the platform is very popular for its photo and video sharing, it is also very popular for its Stories. Stories that have been particularly popular for a few years now, with the added bonus the possibility of sharing links , which can be particularly interesting for an influencer or a brand.

Instagram will lengthen its Stories

At the moment, the small videos to be included in the Stories are limited to a duration of 15 seconds only. In other words, to embed a video of 20 seconds in Stories format, the latter will be fragmented into four small videos of seconds each. However, like Twitter which had a few years ago exploded its limit of 132 characters, Instagram wants to lengthen the duration of videos within Stories.

Instagram is testing longer stories segments of up-to 60 seconds

Spotted by @ yousufortaccom in Turkey

– Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) December , 2021

The news is not yet official, but some users can already test this new feature, which has also been announced is via a small notification within the application. It is therefore not a question of any bug, but of a very real desire on the part of Instagram to increase the duration of videos for Stories.

A note that the competing platform TikTok also recently increased the time limit for videos on its platform, from 60 seconds at 180 seconds this summer, with 5-minute videos also featured. The giants of the sector therefore seem convinced that it is now imperative to leave more room for creators to express themselves fully … which in the process allows spectators to hold back in front of their smartphones a little longer.

On Instagram, in addition to Stories, it is also possible to take advantage of a format called IGTV, which allows you to publish long videos.