“Inflation allowance”: A million people cannot receive it, for lack of having given their bank details

When last November the government announced that it was going to give an “inflation allowance” to 20 millions of French people, it did It was specified that the payment would be automatic and without the need for any action . Except for certain profiles such as self-employed workers or employees of private employers.

Indeed, Urssaf, the public body responsible for paying part of the “inflation compensation” has no knowledge of their bank details. These workers therefore had to communicate their bank details to the organization, just like employees with no contract of more than one month or at least 12 hours in October with an employer, specifies the government website .

No RIB , no bonus

In total, this represents three million people, records the Urssaf. Except that today the director of Urssaf, Yann-Gaël Amghar, sounds the alarm and ensures that nearly a third of them have not communicated this information. “We are missing the bank details of 100. independent and of 500. 000 employees at home ”, assures- he in the columns of the Parisien .

The organization is supposed to pay them this aid by the end of February but cannot do it without this information. However, the director is quite clear: “If the people eligible for the bonus do not communicate their bank details to us, they will not receive the 100 euros. “Urssaf assures us that a recovery campaign by email or letters has already been carried out with home-based employees and that a second will take place at the beginning of January for the self-employed.