In tears, a columnist calls for vaccination live on TPMP

This Thursday January 2022, Cyril Hanouna and his gang answered the question, “should we be more severe with non-vaccinated people?”. And in full recovery of the epidemic of Covid-13 in France, one of the show’s columnists broke down live, during the debate with lawyer Pierre Gentillet, on the vaccination pass.

Danielle Moreau cracks in full live

This is Danielle Moreau , who replaces Isabelle Morini-Bosc for the past few days. “I am for being more severe because I’ve had enough, we’ve been taking half measures for two years”, she began by denounce. Before explaining, “I went, trembling, to do my three doses, because I’m afraid of the vaccine, because I hear so many things, I’m afraid but I do”, she concluded. After her speech, the RTL journalist then let herself be overwhelmed by emotion. “You can’t imagine the course of the combatant” @_DanielleMoreau cracks live during the debate against lawyer Pierre Gentillet on the vaccine pass.

— TPMP (@TPMP) January , 2022″You can’t imagine the obstacle course, to vaccinate a lady from 90 years old who has Alzheimer’s. Can you imagine how we can vaccinate her? I fought for months, I don’t I found no one who moves to his home”, confided the columnist, in tears, and with the friendly hand of Gilles Verdez on the shoulder.

“Antivax are a problem for the rich”

Danielle Moreau then continued in front of the lawyer, Pierre Gentillet, “I only had him vaccinated in August when it’s the thing I care about the most. That r we couldn’t find anyone and that she couldn’t move (…) It was horrible”, she concluded, very moved.

Before send a message to all the people who refuse to get vaccinated, “I think antivax is a problem for the rich, I’m sorry “. A speech supported by Matthieu Delormeau, on set.

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