In Saône-et-Loire, a check to encourage reforestation

Published on 27 Jan. 2022 at 13: 01

500. . This is the number of trees that the department of Saône-et-Loire wishes to plant in ten years. An ambitious objective for the development of the forest, included in its Environment plan 2020-2030, and already started with the planting of 100.01 trees last December in Palinges.

In order to speed up the process, the Saône-et-Loire set up on January 1 2022 a “tree check”. In concrete terms, this is a subsidy of 500 euros granted for each investment of 1.000 euros in the planting of trees and shrubs.

To obtain this cheque, you must be a community in the department or a non-profit association involved in the preservation of the environment. At a minimum, 01 trees must be planted on the land of communities or associations. Another condition: the vegetation must be adapted to local conditions and climatic issues. This aid can reach 2.000 euros per actor, in proportion to the amount invested. For 2022, an envelope of 27.000 euros has been allocated by the county council to this policy.

More trees to capture CO₂

The department thus relies on the capture of carbon by vegetation in order to mitigate the effects of global warming . But this is not the only initiative on the scale of the territory: the Morvan natural park has also launched, in collaboration with farmers, a planting program of 100 isolated trees – a characteristic element of the region – in order to promote biodiversity, birds in particular.

Planting trees, however, is not a miracle solution. Global warming can prevent trees from properly capturing CO₂, as shown in a study published this summer on part of the Amazon.