In RN land, Anne Hidalgo wants to defend the values ​​of the Republic … and the primary

Anne Hidalgo, in difficulty in the polls, held Sunday in Perpignan, RN city, her second campaign meeting, to “defend the Republic and its values”, the day after her call for a primary of the left for ” continue to exist “facing the right and the extreme right.

While many, especially on the left, have joked about what they consider to be” a last-chance proposition “or “a lifeline”, The socialist candidate wants to prove that she is still there and well “determined”, despite polls which give her between 3 and 7% of the voting intentions.

Her call for a primary, via the citizen movement of the Popular Primary, which has been arguing for a year for a single candidacy on the left, has so far made the point with its main left competitors, who have refused to participate.

But Anne Hidalgo says she is convinced that they will change their minds under pressure from “the people of the left”, who are “angry”.

“I hear the French, and in particular those on the left, who say + we want this union, we cannot be in a situation where our choice would be two far-right candidates and two right + “, she explained.

With this in mind, its meeting in Perpignan, where between 800 and 1. are expected) people, (with health pass and compulsory mask) is “an important moment to offer a different national story than the one imposed on us”, explains the mayor of Bourg-en- Bresse Jean-François Debat, close to the candidate.

The president of the Occitanie region, Carole Delga, at the Congress of the Regions of France, in Montpellier, on 12 September 2021 (AFP – Pascal GUYOT) “Coming to Perpignan is a clear choice. We cannot see the violence of the media debate, its extreme right-wing orientation, and not have a strong discourse on attachment to the values ​​of the Republic: solidarity, tolerance, education, access to culture, equal opportunities… “, summarizes Carole Delga, president of the Occitanie region.

“When I see the state of our country, when I see these images of incredible violence last weekend” (during the meeting of Eric Zemmour, editor’s note), and that ‘”a racist, xenophobic, negationist is invited, table open, without anyone coming to reproach him for his deep shortcomings in our history, that makes me angry”, moreover explained on France 2 the candidate.

Anne Hidalgo, who likes to repeat that she is a social democrat, in order to recall her belonging to this family which has recorded successes in Northern Europe, Spain and even Germany, finally hopes to be more audible .

“We are told all day long that the only valid topic is the issue of immigration. It must of course be addressed, the issue of security too, but today ‘ hui what undermines our country are social injustices, it is on this that we must provide answers “, she insisted.

Her entourage promises a short format and impactful. The candidate should in particular summon her Spanish origins to evoke the Republicans who had taken refuge in the region to escape Francoism.

A critical PS executive said he hoped she would “dismantle” Zemmour’s arguments. “We should not just say that he is a puppet,” he insists, referring to the candidate’s statements on the far-right polemicist.

“She is leading the battle of ideas”, confirms Johanna Rolland, her campaign manager.

This meeting takes place the day after the speech of the environmental candidate Yannick Jadot in Laon. And even if the latter refused the idea of ​​a primary on the left, recalling that he had withdrawn with “panache” in 2017 in favor of Benoît Hamon, not question of getting the wrong enemy. “Our opponent is the right and the extreme right,” insists Johanna Rolland.

Will this meeting be Anne Hidalgo’s last before leaving the countryside, as some whisper? “You don’t know her well, she is not the type to retire, she is ready to retire on one condition, and that is to be beaten in a ballot,” said PS First Secretary Olivier Faure, on RTL .

“The train is gone. The popular primary will take place and I will participate” even if Yannick Jadot does not come, she assured in the JDD, still calling the candidate green to “think”.

And Anne Hidalgo is convinced, it is she who will win this primary … if it really takes place.