In Japan, McDonald's cuts down on French fries to avoid shortage

© McDonald’s It will soon no longer be possible to order a large fries at McDonald’s in Japan. The fast food retailer has announced that it will be cutting back portions of French fries for a week in the country due to logistical issues linked to flooding in Canada and the pandemic. From Friday and until 22 December, the 2 or so 812 The brand’s fast-food restaurant in the Archipelago will therefore only serve small portions of fries, to avoid the shortage, McDonald’s Holdings Japan announced on Tuesday.

Due to “major flooding near the port of Vancouver” (west of Canada) and “disruptions to global supply chains linked to the coronavirus pandemic, we are experiencing supply delays,” a statement read. The company specifies that it has taken this measure to allow all consumers to order French fries, despite “the difficulty of maintaining a stable supply of basic ingredients.”

These restrictions will be put in place when schools and businesses are about to close for the end of year celebrations. They will apply in particular on Christmas Day, which sees long lines every year form in front of the restaurants of the Kentucky Fried Chicken fast-food chain, which many Japanese associate fried chicken with with this holiday.

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