In Hauts-de-France, Zemmour praises the school of the “past” and the “iron discipline”

Eric Zemmour called for the return of a school of “past”, “authority” and “iron discipline”, Friday during a trip to Hauts-de-France devoted to questions educational.

The far-right candidate for the presidential election spoke with a dozen teachers committed to his cause in the village of Honnecourt-sur-Escaut, before a public meeting in Saint- Quentin (Aisne) in the evening, with several hundred people.

According to him, since 1968, the school has become that of “generalized mediocrity”, because ” it is better that the pupils are mediocre in order to be able to indoctrinate them”. The candidate Reconquest! resumed his recurring attacks against “LGBT ideology” and the SOS Homophobia and SOS Racism associations, “lobbies that must be kicked out of school”, in his eyes.

He said he was “very sad” for Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer who “gave the impression that he was Jules Ferry and ended up in Najat Vallaud-Belkacem”, the former minister of Education during the five-year term of François Hollande.

Surrounded by the former N.2 of LR Guillaume Peltier and the former RN Jean Messiha, Eric Zemmour unrolled his program. He proposes to abolish allowances for parents of delinquents and “exceptional boarding schools” for the most violent students, accusing Emmanuel Macron of having “done nothing to restore order”.

He also wants the wearing of the blouse in primary school, the restoration of the certificate of studies or the L, S and ES streams in high school. The candidate repeats that he wants the end of English lessons in primary school in order to give priority to French and arithmetic.

Concerning children with disabilities, Eric Zemmour would prefer to accommodate them in establishments specialized, rather than in classes with other children. “The obsession with inclusion is a bad way for children and teachers”, he believes.

Those who succeed today, the “Singaporeans or Koreans”, apply the “same methods” as Jules Ferry, he considers, claiming “by heart”, “dictations” and “large texts”. In Saint-Quentin, Eric Zemmour called on his activists to read “a page from Les Misérables (Victor Hugo)” their children from “tonight”.

“The blouse or the suppression of English in primary, it seems a bit anecdotal to me”, reacted to AFP one of the teachers present. This support from Nicolas Dupont-Aignan in 2017 is especially alarmed by the drop in grammar and challenges the logic of “skills” at school, preferring “grades” and “merit” to it. .

Cantor of the “union of the rights”, Mr. Zemmour also assumed to come to Hauts-de-France to compete with both his rival Marine Le Pen (RN), who regularly makes big scores, and the right, while the region is chaired by Xavier Bertrand, who was mayor of Saint-Quentin.