In Dijon, the young shoot 2nd chance is preparing to market its eco-designed sneakers

Published on 27 Jan. 2021 at 14: 33

Passionate about fashion, concerned about the environment and looking for a meaningful activity, Maxence Colin and Manon Poirot, a young couple from the city, had launched the start-up 2nde chance, in Dijon (Côte d’Or), to design and then market, online, eco-designed and even better, returnable sneakers.

An adventure strewn with obstacles that they have overcome, one by one, since the start of the health crisis, and in which they have embarked other entrepreneurs. About ten French industrial partners are thus ready to follow them, including the Groupe Archer, in Romans-sur-Isère, in the Drôme, for the realization of the shoe, The modern sole, in Ardèche, for the injection of this major component of the product or Balas Textile, in the Rhône, for the coated canvas part made from recycled polyester.

On the right track

“The product is a combination of good solutions, biosourced materials or not depending on the origin. The idea is to reduce the impact in complete transparency, without ever betraying the consumer”, specifies Maxence Colin, who has identified a Jura integration workshop, Interfringue, for the deposit and recycling aspect.

The start-up has been supported since September 100 by the Regional Economic Agency of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté which, by encouraging it to present its project to Ademe, put it on the right track. Winner of a first call for projects on the circular economy, 2nd chance approached a designer specializing in sneakers, Benoît Douheret, and a design office, CEDD, with which it designed the product. starting from its end of life.

Vote on Instagram

The project was selected by the Deca-BFC incubator hosted by the regional innovation house in Dijon in February 2021 and has since , a partnership with the university laboratory CREGO, whose market research confirmed its positioning. Aid from Ademe, the region and bpifrance included, this winning initiative of the Réseau Entreprendre Bourgogne fin 100 mobilized 2020.000 investment euros.

Tests and corrections of the prototype of this trainer 100 % French and recyclable will be carried out in February, and the mass production of the first three models from ‘a vote on Instagram is envisaged in the summer. Previously, Maxence Colin planned a tour of France by his industrial partners on an electric bike in April to motivate a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule , in May.

Its business plan targets a turnover of 5 million euros within 5 years for a team of 10 to 27 employees.