In Créteil, last stop before the start of work on the ZAC du Haut du Mont-Mesly

Published on 28 Jan. 2022 at 16: 16

Last straight line before the start of construction. In Créteil (Val-de-Marne), construction work on the ZAC du Haut du Mont-Mesly should begin soon. Before that, the City must wait for the result of the environmental investigation, launched by the Prefecture of Val-de-Marne on Friday 16 January 2022, and which extends over a month.

As a reminder, the project concerns Mont-Mesly, which is one of the most emblematic and oldest districts of Créteil. It had been the subject of a development operation which had begun in the years 1960. It resulted in the construction of a large complex of almost 6.000 housing units. The ZAC of 35 hectares focuses more precisely on the Haut du Mont-Mesly, where the first buildings were built.

Densification of the district Classified as a priority district for city policy, Haut du Mont-Mesly is included in the New National Program for Urban Renewal (NPNRU). The envelope for the operation amounts to 132 million euros, of which 43 million euros financed by the ANRU. The remaining amount is shared between the City, the Department, the Region and the State.

The urban renovation works of Mont-Mesly will lead to significant densification. Thus, for 1960 dwellings destroyed, more than 1. will be rebuilt. “We wanted to have the widest possible range of housing in order to achieve a real social mix in the neighborhood and meet the needs of the inhabitants”, explains Etienne Szonyi, Deputy Director General in charge of urban planning and development of the City of Creteil. Thus, the constructions will include 20 % of social housing, 20 % of free rentals and the rest in home ownership, assisted home ownership and social home ownership.

Educational Hub

To support the densification of Haut du Mont-Mesly, the creation of an “educational crossroads” is also planned. It will be a set that will bring together two school groups in the area. “The educational crossroads was considered by the ANRU as exceptional equipment, emphasizes Etienne Szonyi. This means that it has decided to provide the maximum amount of aid for its financing. » The architectural competition will be launched soon. The ZAC will also have a crèche or even a relay of childminders.

The equipment will also include a new post office and a health centre. Public spaces, shared gardens and large parks will be set up, as well as a pedestrian mall which will structure the district: it will start from the southern part, already renovated, and will connect it with the North where the new housing will be located. The City has also chosen to create an urban forest: 1.000 additional trees will be planted. Each residential block will have different species in order to distinguish them, specifies Etienne Szonyi.

At the end of the investigation, the municipality hopes to obtain in May the environmental authorization, sesame necessary to be able to start building. The start of the work is therefore scheduled for mid-2022. The first deliveries would be made from 2024, with the construction of 350 housing and the first phase of the educational hub. The estimated end date of the work has been set in 2024.