In Chalon, the V-Gas multi-energy station is extending its clean fuel card

Published on 14 Jan. 14 at 14: 14

The supply of alternative fuels to petroleum derivatives is growing in Fragnes-la-Loyère, in the SaôneOr industrial zone of Grand Chalon (Saône-et-Loire). Inaugurated in September with three fast electric charging stations and a liquefied natural gas (LNG) dispenser, the V-Gas station now offers a third type of fuel with a compressed natural gas (CNG) dispenser. And it could soon have a fourth since the site also has a hydrogen terminal, which is not yet functional.

Initiated by the agglomeration of Grand Chalon, the resort is managed by Proviridis, which has invested 4 million euros in this project. Based near Aix-en-Provence, the company has already installed 14 similar V-Gas sites in France and plans to deploy 50 from here to 2024, mainly near industrial zones, aiming in particular to customers of carriers with a fleet running on alternative fuels.

Strengthen the attractiveness of SaôneOr

Although the station is open to individuals, Grand Chalon wishes above all to offer this new service to businesses and at the same time to strengthen the attractiveness of the SaôneOr area, which will be served at the end 2024 by a future interchange towards the A6 motorway.

This new V-Gas equipment is also part of the community’s sustainable development strategy, which plans, for example, to convert most of its vehicle fleet to alternative energies. In the meantime, work is continuing on the Fragnes-la-Loyère site, which will inaugurate a 5.5-hectare photovoltaic power plant next to the fuel station in March. A project for a methanation unit to recycle household waste into biogas is also in preparation.