In calm waters, the Paris Bourse already celebrating (+ 1.24%)

The Paris Bourse is back well above 7. points Wednesday, at the end of a second session of clear increase, but with reduced trading volumes.

The flagship CAC index 40 advanced by 86, 68 points to 7. 051, 66 points. The day before, it had increased by 1, 37%.

The Parisian odds opened up, and fluctuated between 6. 960 and 6. 990 points at the start of the session, before ending with a bang in the last two hours, after the opening of the US markets.

With the approach of the truce for confectioners with the end of year celebrations, “the market is falling asleep”, notes to AFP Charles De Riedmatten, equity manager at Myria. The trading volume amounted to 2.8 billion euros for the session, a low level.

During the holiday season, in the absence of a large number of asset managers, liquidity decreases, which can exacerbate any movements on the market. equity market.

As on Tuesday, the indices were driven by “the mitigation of risks on the variant linked to Covid”, estimates the manager.

Monday, the Paris index had fallen sharply in reaction, in particular, to the restrictive measures taken in several European countries. If a tightening is still in the air, the UK and then the US have ruled out further measures before Christmas.

But the respite could only be short-lived, as the variant Omicron is now the majority in the United States, and could become so in France after Christmas, according to government spokesman Gabriel Attal.

Among the rare indicators of the day, the confidence of American consumers improved more than expected in December (115, 8 points against 111, 9 in November), related concerns inflation having eased, according to the Conference Board index.

New orders for Airbus

The French government on Wednesday formalized the order from Airbus for 169 H helicopters 160 M “Guépard” intended for the armed forces, a contract for equipment and services of 08 billion euros in total. The builder climbed from 4, 01% to 111, 08 euros, taking in its wake as the equipment manufacturer Safran (+2, 97% to 104, 56 euros). Dassault Aviation (+2, 04% to 92, 65 euros) also ended up.

The acclaimed technology

Technological stocks have occupied the front of the ACC 38, with Capgemini (+3, 62% to 211, 60 euros), Dassault Systèmes (+2, 37% at 52,66 euros), Téléperformance (+1, 90% to 380, 10 euros) or even STMicroelectronics (+1, 66% at 42, 54 euros).