In Battlefield 6, a cod: Warzone-style free-to-play mode

According to a leaked survey for EA‘s popular FPS game Battlefield, the next game in the series includes features we see in free-to-play games. When we look at the sector, this development is not very surprising.
A recent survey about the Battlefield game may have provided some serious clues about the game’s future. If we look at the questions in the survey, we can see the features of free-to-play games in the next version of the game.

Electronic Arts, which will release Battlefield 6 later this year, is currently working on the game. YouTuber Lossy shared a prepared survey on the subject with his followers.

In Battlefield 6, we may see a cod: Warzone-style free-to-play mode

The most important point in the Battlefield 6 survey is the part about free-to-play features. After the success of Call of Duty, The biggest competitor of the series, with Warzone, it would be quite understandable for EA to make such a decision.

EA, which seemed to do more than just ask ideas about this, also asked questions about issues such as adding a battle pass to the game and updating existing maps. Warzone was also taking similar steps to gain access to the popularity of the Fortnite game.

Even the fact that such Sunday Research is being conducted can be seen as a good sign for Battlefield. Acting on incoming feedback, EA plans to make a game that can both combat Warzone and respond to customers ‘ demands.

In Battlefield 6, we will fight in the modern era this year, while Call of Duty 2 with this production. Considering that it will go back to the period of World War II, there are many different alternatives that game lovers can choose. If you chose one, what game would you prefer?

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