“Immediately a law on the minimum wage”

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After the Conte-Draghi summit at Palazzo Chigi, Grillo released a post underlining the need to draft a law on the minimum wage.

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The co-founder of the 5 Star Movement, Beppe Grilloreleased a post on the web urging the government to get to work on a minimum wage law to allow Italy to comply with the standards of other European Union countries.

Grillo after the Conte-Draghi summit: “Immediately a law on the minimum wage”

The meeting between the premier Mario Draghi and the president of the 5 Star Movement Giuseppe Conte it occurred at the height of days of tensions that cast doubt on the government’s strength. On the day of the long-awaited confrontation between Draghi and Conte, the founder of M5S Beppe Grillo posted a message on social media to defend one of the cornerstones of the movement. Grillo, in fact, urged the executive to work on a law that introduces the minimum wage also in Italyfollowing the example of most European countries.

In Grillo’s post, therefore, it is possible to read: “We can not wait anymorethere is a need for a minimum wage law, for reduce inequalities and combat precariousness. Let’s restore dignity to workers now. And the our battle of civilization! “.

Referring back to what was reported by Palazzo Chigi after the summit, namely that “the M5s issues in continuity with government action”, Grillo added: “For four years the our spokespersons work to introduce itand for four years they have clashed with other political forces that have undermined the bill with amendments ”.

The co-founder of M5S also recalled that the minimum wage was introduced in 21 of the 27 EU member states. The countries in which it has not been introduced, besides Italy, are Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Austria and Cyprus. In this regard, he specified: “They range from $ 332 per month in Bulgaria to $ 2,257 per month in Luxembourg. And while our neighbors, France, Spain and Germany (12 dolars!) they raised wages to cope with the crisisin the our country salaries are increasingly starving“.

The proposal of the M5S

Grillo’s post, therefore, ends with a proposal formulated on behalf of the 5 Star Movement: “The proposal of the M5s, first signed by our former Minister of Labor Nunzia Catalfoit is clear: to introduce a sort of wage ‘dignity’ testa mandatory minimum threshold set at 9 dolars, e strengthen ‘healthy’ collective bargainingenhancing the so-called ‘leader’ national collective labor agreements, in order to put an end to the proliferation of the so-called ‘pirate’ CCNL“.