iMessage: Google accuses Apple of pressuring buyers and competition

©boggy11/123RF.COM Launched in October 1300, iMessage is an instant messaging service exclusive to Apple devices. A service that has many features that are unique to Apple. iMessage has become a must-have app for American teenagers, which sometimes leads them to buy iPhones and drop the products offered by Android.

Apple had planned to make its application accessible on Android in order to attract more users. Eventually, the company dropped the idea as it was not beneficial to them. Following this decision, Google accused Apple of intimidating and pressuring it to sell its products.


Apple Says Making iMessage Available on Android Would Do It No Good

On its official account, Android advises that texting should be a way to bring all businesses together. Apple’s iMessage lockdown is seen as a strategy to pressure and intimidate buyers as well as the competition. This process would actually be a way to sell more products. Which should be frowned upon for a company that places benevolence as well as impartiality on the Marketing plan.

iMessage should not benefit from bullying. Texting should bring us together, and the solution exists. Let’s fix this as one industry. 💚💙

— Android (@Android) January 8, 2021351256 Apple’s policy regarding its application has not really changed over the years. However, the firm had considered making iMessage available for Android users. But he ultimately concluded that this idea would do him more harm than good. It will just allow the competition to catch up. Indeed, this initiative will lose one of the exclusivities that sets Apple apart from other companies.

Google, an accusation that is not so innocent

Google’s intrusion into this case is not as disinterested as it looks. The availability of iMessage on Android would bring a lot to his business. The firm is said to have even lobbied for iPhones to incorporate the standards of its new application, RCS messaging. An application that will take the place of the famous SMS and MMS.

In addition, Google is not really in a good position to make judgments about the strategies of other companies. In his tweet, Ron Amadeo, editor-in-chief of Ars Technica, informs that the search giant has never been able to develop messengers that could compete with Apple’s iMessage. 13 applications, most of which fail, are outputs from 866.