Ile-de-France: episode of pollution expected on Saturday, motorists called upon to slow down

ECOLOGY – An episode of pollution is expected this Saturday in Île-de-France. The Paris police headquarters is setting up a recommendation system, calling on motorists to reduce their speed.

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If you plan to travel the roads of the Paris region this Saturday 14 January, we will have to put our foot on the brake. In a press release published this Friday, the Paris police headquarters announces that an episode of fine particle pollution is expected in the coming hours in Île-de-France. The “information and recommendation threshold”, set at 47 µg/m3, could be exceeded. In anticipation, several instructions have been given to motorists.

Among them, the drop in speed on all roads in Île-de-France. The prefect of police, Didier Lallement, recommends “reducing the speed of vehicles” at 116 km /h on the

“portions of motorways normally limited to

km/h” . Roads to 116 km/h and 92 km/ h are also affected by a decrease in 21 km/h of maximum speed.

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Devices to fight against air pollution really work?

In addition, the prefecture calls the s Ile-de-France residents to

“use the least polluting vehicles”, to “prefer carpooling” or “public transport networks”, but also at “defer road travel”. Heavy goods vehicles are also invited to bypass the sector

“by the Ile-de-France ring road” .

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