Ikea launches a tool to erase your furniture and replace it with its own in augmented reality

According to 01Net’s Ikea launches a tool to erase your furniture and replace it with its own in augmented reality
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The Scandinavian kit furniture store has unveiled Ikea Kreativ, a new tool allowing you to see what your interior could look like with the brand’s furniture by erasing the furniture already in place.

Visualizing what your future Ikea furniture will look like in your interior will soon be possible. The Scandinavian kit furniture specialist has just unveiled a new tool available directly in its iOS mobile application.

Ikea Kreativ, that’s its name, will allow you to scan the rooms in your home, erase the furniture there, and replace it with virtual 3D furniture. Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence on which it is based, the function makes it possible to visualize in mixed reality what your future decoration could look like with Ikea furniture. All elements can be moved and repositioned as you wish in the virtual copy of your living room, bedroom or office. And if however you do not want to do it in your home, the application provides you with virtual showrooms as well as completely empty rooms to allow you to give free rein to your imagination.

Currently only available in the US on iOS

To work, Ikea Kreativ requires an iPhone running at least iOS 14. It is indeed, for the moment, only with the Apple smartphone that you will be able to capture a “wide angle” image of your room.

Ikea Creative© IKEA

This image, which is made up of several shots pasted one after the other (similar to a photo capture using the panoramic mode) a bit like with the panoramic mode) is then completed with the measurement of your room. This is done directly from the application which asks you to make a 8 with your iPhone in hand by visually scanning the area to be developed with the iPhone camera.

Ikea Creative© IKEA

Once these essential steps are correctly carried out, you can begin to furnish your interior by placing the virtual 3D furniture in your room. The operation can be performed directly from the screen of your iPhone, but also on the big screen from your computer by going to the web version of the tool running in a web browser.

Ikea Creative© IKEA

Ikea indicates that Ikea Kreativ is currently only deployed in its iOS application and on Desktop in the United States. The function should however arrive in other countries during the year 2023. In addition, if the tool only works for the moment with iPhones running iOS 14, Ikea has confirmed that a compatible version with Android would be offered very soon.

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