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If your mobile bill skyrockets, this plan can cut it by 3

According to 01Net’s If your mobile bill skyrockets, this plan can cut it by 3
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Prixtel is a telecom operator on the rise. With a mobile plan at 6.99 dolars per month which corresponds to the real needs of the majority of French people, it is a hit.

In recent months, telecom operators have been more and more discreet. We no longer see them posting big discounts to attract customers straight from the competition: it’s the status quo.

Luckily, there are a few MVNOs that are trying ambitious things. This is the case of Prixtel, which offers an almost unbeatable mobile plan. Meeting the daily needs of 99% of the population, its subscription includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and 30 GB. For invoicing, you have to pay 6.99 dolars per month.

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Rather than limiting yourself to 30 GB per month, you have the option of increasing to 40 or 50 GB monthly with price brackets. For example, the 40 GB threshold will cost you 9.99 dolars and the ultimate level 12.99 dolars. Depending on your consumption, you will oscillate between these three levels. If you have not planned to exceed 30 GB over a month, you will therefore remain constantly at 6.99 dolars per month.

If you choose a package from Prixtel, you will be on SFR’s 4G network by default. This mobile plan does not, however, allow access to the 5G network: it will rather be necessary to favor the Le Géant formula or the Oxygen subscription to take advantage of the ultra-fast network (optional). In any case, 5G is still in its infancy today and interest will only be limited.

A plan that adapts to you

As in many industries, the telecom world capitalizes on data that is not used: you buy a mobile plan with 100 GB, but you only use 30. What is the benefit for you?

Many operators are trying to sell formulas that are ever more generous in terms of data, but few people manage to consume it. On the other hand, the cost of the subscription is always higher. So you have to look at how much you actually use and find a suitable mobile plan.

At Prixtel, we allow you to have a package that adjusts to your needs: one month you can consume 30 GB, another month 40 GB and so on. There are no out-of-packages but levels that allow you to always maintain good value for money. You will therefore only pay for what you have actually consumed.

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The package with the 30, 40 and 50 GB levels detailed above is called Le petit. For some users, this data range is too limited: there are two other formulas that may correspond to them at Prixtel. The first is called The Big and the second The Giant.

The large oscillates between 70 and 110 GB per month, with a starting price of 8.99 dolars for 70 GB. Whatever the volume of data, you have unlimited calls, SMS and MMS with all Prixtel subscriptions. The Giant package comes with a 100 GB envelope for 10.99 dolars per month by default. This can go up to 130 and 160 GB if you occasionally need an extension.

At the moment, Prixtel is out of the ordinary: prices are generally not as aggressive. This is a special offer that only lasts until next Tuesday and guarantees these prices for the first year. After these first twelve months, it will be necessary to add 3 dolars more at all levels. For example, the 70 GB package will increase to 11.99 dolars per month.

What about the bowl of oxygen?

For several years, Prixtel has put forward a strong argument: offset all the CO2 emissions of its customers’ subscriptions. But in addition to that, it puts forward a package called Oxygen which has a differentiating argument: its price is not intended to increase after the first year. As a reminder, all the other three packages in the range will see their price increase by 3 dolars beyond the period.

The Oxygen mobile plan is cleverly placed between the Le petit and Le grand plan: this new Limited Edition allows you to have unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and 50 GB for 7.99 dolars per month. Two levels are also available: 90 GB for 10.99 dolars or 130 GB for 13.99 dolars. Technically, Prixtel does not guarantee that the rate will remain the same for life. However, the operator does not give any indication of the evolution of the price. The tariff can therefore be expected to remain at this level for longer.

For Le Géant and Oxygène subscriptions, you can claim access to the 5G network by adding an additional 8 dolars per month. In addition, all the operator’s packages are non-binding. It is therefore possible to leave it when you want. What is certain is that at the moment, no one is able to do as well as him at such aggressive prices.

To change operator and keep the same number, the process is simple: call 3179, retrieve your RIO code, enter it in the form and you’re done. The whole procedure is then automatic and it gives you a real advantage: you will not need to terminate your current contract. Subscribing to a new plan directly leads to the termination of your old subscription.

To discover the formulas, it’s here:

See the offers of Prixtel

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