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If your Mac is getting slow, grab this software to regain performance

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With this Mac cleaner of French origin, relieve the hard disk of your computer so that it is more efficient.

Your computer is slow ? Before you rush to grab the latest MacBook Air M2, know that there are other options. The most effective is the Mac cleaner. With this software, you can expect nice performance boosts that will remind you of the early days of your device.

This weekend is the Mac cleaner Washing Machine X9 which should be preferred. With the discount unveiled by Intego, this software falls at the price of 19.99 dolars per year instead of 49.99 dolars. In short, you ensure the speed and performance of your computer for less than 20 dolars per year thanks to this tool which is used several times during the year. All topped off with this -60% discount.

To access the offer on the Washing Machine X9it’s this way :

View Mac Intego Cleaner

To keep your computer as healthy as possible, it is best to use this Mac cleaner every two to three months of the year. Thus, the software will take care of deleting unnecessary elements as it goes so that the device keeps performance up to your expectations. Especially since we know that Mac users are used to using rather premium computers that respond without latency.

If you don’t know how a Mac cleaner works, let’s start with the simplest. Over the years, the hard disk of the computer fills up and this affects the proper functioning of the computer to the point of making it slow down. However, there is a good chance that a good part of these files are useless.

When it is installed and functional, the Mac cleaner precisely goes in search of all unnecessary files such as obsolete downloads, translation files, duplicates… It will isolate these elements and suggest that you delete them definitively. is always you who decide.

A Mac cleaner like the one made by Intego can get you back to your old computer. It can enjoy up to 3x faster speed at device startup for up to 30% faster in-use apps. The space saving made, the effect on the operation of the machine is immediate. In addition, you are entitled to a 30-day money-back trial.

Intego, leader in solutions for Mac

Intego is a Mac expert. When it was created more than 25 years ago, it chose to develop tools specifically designed for macOS. This is why it is considered the best in its field, compared to competitors who have preferred to adapt their Windows software to devices running Apple’s operating system.

In addition to its Mac cleaner, Intego mainly offers security solutions. The most complete software responds to the name of Mac Premium Bundle X9, it is also accompanied by a discount which lowers its price to 29.99 dolars per year instead of 84.99 dolars. With this immediate reduction of -60%, you are guaranteed to pay a low price for the entire first year by drastically reducing the risk of threats.

In the complete package Mac Premium Bundle X9there is the famous Mac cleaner, but also security tools such as an antivirus, a firewall, a parental control tool as well as a tool for managing and backing up personal data. In the end, you have everything for avoid the risk of theft of personal data, but also to optimize your computer easily.

To discover the complete package Mac Premium Bundle X9it’s this way :

View Intego Security Suite

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