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“If Italy wins, I slip off in a thong and bra”

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At last year’s Eurovision we saw him in boxers for the Maneskin victory, but this year Cristiano Malgioglio promises much more.

For the edition of the music festival hosted at home by Italy, the singer-songwriter aims high.

Should Mahmood and Blanco win Malgioglio already has a show with all the trimmings in mind: “It won’t be easy to have an encore already this year, after the Maneskin victory. But if Mahmood and Blanco win, I will parade in bra and thong ”, declares the lyricist recalling Sabrina Ferilli’s streap tease on the occasion of Roma’s Scudetto victory.

Cristiano Malgioglio, currently exceptional commentator of the Eurovision Song Contest, together with Gabriele Corsi and Carolina Di Domenico, is entertaining the audience with his unfiltered jokes and most recently with his over the top statements.

Last year the singer-songwriter had already put on his underwear together with Gabriele Corsi for the victory of the Maneskin in a very chaste striptease, and this year he makes a big raise. Malgioglio is serious as he revealed to Trash Italiano. The lyricist was contacted via whatsapp by Marco D’Annolfi who asked him for confirmation of his intention of wanting to parade in déshabillé: “Aunt Malgy, is it true that if we win you will parade in a thong and a bra?” – The founder of Trash Italiano amused.

“Yes love, but in a thong … Expect anything honey. Don’t worry! ”, Malgioglio replies firmly.