We go with a selection of mathematical puzzles but oriented for people who like to use the brain. The following challenges can make you lose your head due to their difficulty. Test your math and your sense of logic to find the solution to each puzzle.

If you finally give up, you can always look at the answer.


Answer: The answer to I Had 13 Dollars Riddle” is “18 Dollars.”


Riddle 1

Is it possible to get a mathematical operation with only 8 eights, and the exact result is 1000? You can use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, together or separately, in whatever order you need. But you should only use 8 eights.

” Answer: “

888 + 88 + 8 + 8 + 8 = 1000

Riddle: I Had $ 13.00. My mom gave me $ 10.00 while my dad gave me 3 30.00. My aunt and uncle gave me 1 100.00. I had another 5 5.00. How much I have

Answer: the correct answer is 18 dollars. If you read the Question carefully, the question about your first money with ” how much money did you really have?”.

The money you had is dólares 10. That’s before his parents and relatives gave him extra money.

However, since the logic and timing of the verb tense are in the past, it is safe to assume that the question refers to the money you originally had before receiving external money from someone else.

So you originally had dólares 13 and another dólares 5 with you, which adds up to dólares 18.


Riddle 2

Two parents and two children sit in a New York coffee shop where the world’s best coffee is said to be served for just $ 1.50 each. No one wants to miss out on the experience, so they order a coffee each. When finished, they ask for the bill and pay for 3 coffees.

How is it possible? There was no offer, however everyone had coffee, and the cafeteria was not wrong.


” Answer: “

It is about a grandfather, a father and a son. The father is father, but at the same time he is son.


Riddle 3

Three cold homeless people decide to spend the night in a boarding house. Each had collected 10 coins that day. In total they had 30 coins to spend.

When they arrive at the pension, they request the cheapest one with 3 beds, which has a total price of 25 coins.

The son of the owner of the pension helps them to carry all their belongings, bags, sacks and cardboard to the room. The 3 homeless people, seeing that they had 5 coins left over, are so grateful for the help that they decide to tip the boy 2 coins. Leaving 3 coins to be able to have 3 coffees the next day.

When night came, in bed, as there was no television, they began to do their accounts aloud, but the result did not leave them alone.

We have put 10 coins each. They have returned 1 coin. For what each of us have spent 9 coins in the hotel. (Total 27 coins) and the owner’s son took another 2 coins for his help. (Total 27 + 2 = 29)

What happened to the missing coin?

” Answer: “

The homeless math is wrong. It is seen that they did not go to school.

Within the first amount, the 27, the tip was already added, but as different expenses resulted, they added it twice without realizing it.


Riddle 4

A ceramic collector, with vases and jugs, is on the move to his new home, but must carefully wrap all his pieces so that they do not break on the way.

Got several cardboard boxes

Each box holds either 8 vases or 10 jugs.

The total pieces shipped, without any breaking, were 96.

Knowing that there are more vases than jugs and that there was no empty hole

Can you calculate how many cardboard boxes he used?

” Answer: “

11 cardboard boxes in total
7 for vases (7 x 8 = 56 vases)
4 for jars (4 x 10 = 40 jars)


Riddle 5

A dental insurance salesman calls the doorman of a house who asks: How many children do you have and how old are they? Since the price of dental insurance can vary according to age.

The woman, who really wanted to waste the seller’s time, says:

Woman: If you multiply the ages of the 3, you get the number 36.

The seller, stays a while doing calculations, and answers:

Seller: Not enough, I need more information.

Woman: If you add the ages of my 3 children, the result is today.

Seller: I still can’t calculate it

Woman: oh of course, how stupid I am, with this data you will surely be able to calculate it, my eldest son plays the ukulele.

Seller: Now yes!

How is this conversation possible? What calculations was the seller doing? Could you explain it?

” Answer: “

With the first clue, a trio of factors multiplied together, gives us 8 different options:

    • 1x 1x 36 = 38
    • 1x 2 x18 = 21
    • 1x 3 x12 = 16
    • 1x 4 x9 = 14
    • 6x 6x 1 = 13
    • 2x 2x 9 = 13
    • 2x 3 x6 = 11
    • 3 x3x 4 = 10

Faced with so many options, the seller requested new information. The woman told him that it was today, but the salesman, who surely knew what day it was, still told him that it was not enough. That means it was about the 13th.

If it had been day 11, for example, the seller would have already been able to deduce that it was the 2x3x6

As it was the 13th, I needed more information:

With the last track, the eldest playing the ukulele, we know it is the combination, 2x2x9, since in the other, 6x6x1, there is no distinguishable eldest son.


Riddle 6

There is a three digit number. The middle digit is 4 times larger than the third digit, while the first digit is three units less than the second.

Can you tell what number it is?

” Answer: “

The number 141


Riddle 7

Can you tell how many 9s there are between the number 1 and the number 100)

” Answer: “



Riddle 8

Today a father is 4 times older than his daughter. In 20 years, the same father will be twice as old as the same daughter.

Can you tell how old both father and daughter are today?

” Answer: “

E l father is 40 years old and 10 year old daughter .


Riddle 9

My daughter has several sisters. He has as many sisters as brothers. Each of the brothers has twice as many sisters as there are brothers.

Can you tell how many sons and daughters I have?

” Answer: “

4 daughters and 3 sons: Each daughter has 3 sisters and 3 brothers, but instead, each brother has 2 brothers and 4 sisters each.


Riddle 10

A golf club and a ball cost 1.10 euros. The stick costs 1 euro more than the ball.

Can you tell how much the ball is worth?

” Answer: “

The ball costs 0.05 cents, and the stick 1.05 cents.


Two math teachers and 8 students are walking in the field when they find a pretty plum tree full of plums.

The teachers immediately climb to the nearest branch and begin to collect its fruits. In total they get 5 plums. Since they were not hungry, they decided to distribute the 5 plums among the 8 students.

How should they act to achieve a fair distribution and that all students have the same amount of plum?

” Answer: “

The teachers cut each plum into 8 equal pieces.

Then they distribute 5 pieces to each student.


An alumni reunion is held in the schoolyard. In total, 20 people and the former math teacher attend. They all greet each other by shaking hands with each other.

When they finish greeting each other, the teacher says:

Can you tell me how many handshakes have occurred in total?

” Answer: “

210 handshakes.

If we assume that there are only 4 people, the formula would be the following:

4 × 3/2 = 6

We multiply by 3 because each person does not toast with himself, and we divide by 2, because the same greeting from A with B and then B with A. is not counted twice.

If we increase the number of people to 21, the formula would be:

21 × 20/2 = 210


The school year begins, and all the mothers come to the bookstore to buy material for their children. The seller immediately places some offers between notebooks and folders that attract a lot of attention.

Offer 1: 

10 folders and 6 notebooks = $ 100

Offer 2:

10 notebooks and 6 folders = $ 92

According to these two offers from the seller. Could you calculate how much each notebook is worth?

” Answer: “

Notebook = $ 5.

Wallet = 7 dollars.


An elderly couple return home after buying water in 1-liter bottles each.

The old man complains that his bottles are too heavy and then the old woman says:

  • Don’t be so complaining Rodolfo !. If you give me one of your bottles, I will have twice as much as you, and if I give you one of mine, then we would both be carrying the same weight.

Given this reasoning, Mr. Rodolfo stopped complaining.

How many bottles of water did each carry?

” Answer: “

The old woman carried 7 bottles of water.

The old man Rodolfo carried 5 bottles of water.


When the little girl Laurita turned 8 years old, her father was 31 years old.

Today Laurita’s father is exactly twice her age.

According to this information. Would you be able to calculate how old Laurita is today? Perhaps it would be convenient to stop calling her “laurita” and start calling her “Laura” …

” Answer: “

Laura is 23 and her father is 46

The age difference between them has always been 23 years.


In a community of 10 neighbors, a majority agree to paint the facade.

The manager does the math and asks each neighbor for an amount of money.

The first and third parties do not agree and decide not to pay and declare themselves delinquent.

The administrator, takes up his calculations and tells the rest of the 8 neighbors:

Because we have 2 delinquent neighbors, with the money you have put in it does not come to pay the painter. You will have to pay 10 dollars more per neighbor.

According to these data. Could you calculate how much it costs to paint the facade?

” Answer: “

Painting the facade costs = $ 400.

Initially it was $ 40 each neighbor, but since there are 2 who do not want to pay, we only have $ 320, $ 80 is missing.

Those $ 80 missing is solved by adding $ 10 more per neighbor.


At a wedding cocktail party with 42 guests, in addition to the bride and groom, one of the waiters forgets to serve champagne. Then, one of the groom’s friends approaches a waiter and says:

– Fast! I need you to make glasses of champagne for everyone.

The waiter begins to prepare the glasses at a rate of 3 glasses per minute. Exactly 4 minutes later, a second waiter who observes the scene decides to help him and prepares the drinks at a speed of 5 glasses per minute.

Once all the glasses needed for the toast are finished, could you calculate how many glasses each of the waiters prepared?

” Answer: “

The first 24 glasses.

The second 20 glasses.


Antonio needed to buy a new computer that cost $ 520. Since he had no money, he decided to sell his old music records. He put an ad on the Internet offering each album for $ 20, or if they preferred, there was the possibility of making an offer of 3 discs for $ 40.

After a week, Antonio had managed to raise the 520 dollars, and for this he needed to sell 32 records.

Can you calculate how many records he sold without an offer, at $ 20 each? And how many offers did you get?

” Answer: “

14 old records.

If I hadn’t made any bids, it would have been 32 records X $ 20 = $ 640.

Which means there is a $ 120 difference you lost in your discounts.

With each offer he lost 20 dollars, then he sold 6 offers, equivalent to 18 records.

It only remains to subtract:

32 – 18 = 14


A coin collector has bought 9 exactly the same pieces, but the seller has told him that one of the coins is a fake and weighs a gram more than the others.

It has a Roman scale with two plates, one on each side.

Is it possible to find out which is the counterfeit coin by using the scale twice?

How would you do it?

” Answer: “

We divide the coins into 3 groups of 3.

We put one group on the first plate, another group on the second plate. If the scale does not move, it means that the false coin is in the third group, on the other hand, if one of the plates goes down, it means that the false coin is in that group.

Now that we know the group of 3 coins, we do the same but with them 3.

1 coin in the first plate, another in the second. If the scale does not move, it is the third coin, on the other hand, if some plate goes down, it means that it is the false coin.


Today the baker’s daughter is exactly 1/5 her father’s age.

In 21 years, the baker will be twice his daughter’s age. The baker’s wife is 7 times older than the fruit vendor’s son. In 8 years, the baker’s wife will be 3 times older than the fruit bowl’s son.

According to all this information. How old is the baker’s daughter and the fruit bowl’s son?

” Answer: “

Today the baker’s daughter is 7 years old, and the fruit bowl’s son is 4 years old.

1.I had 13.00 riddle

Riddle: I had $13.00. My mom gave me $10.00 while my dad gave me $30.00. My aunt and uncle gave me $100.00. I had another $5.00.

2.I had 13.00 riddle

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7.I had 13.00 riddle

Riddle: I had $13.00. My mom gave me $10.00 while my dad gave me $30.00. My aunt and uncle gave me $100.00. I had another $5.00. How much did I have? Answer: The correct answer is 18 dollars. If you read the question carefully, the question asked about your first money with “how much money Did I really have?”.

8.I had 13.00 riddle

Riddle: I had $3.00. My mom gave me $10.00 while my dad gave me $30.00. My aunt and uncle gave me $100.00. I had another $5.00. How much did I have? Let’s analyze the riddle now. At first it seems correct to collect the money received from both uncle and aunt with the money my dad gave.

9.I had 13.00 riddle

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10.I had 13.00 riddle

Deep in the Jungle of Retail achievement in Goosebumps: The Game (Xbox 360): Correctly answer a riddle as if your life depended on it – worth 30 Gamerscore

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