Ritrovamento Mattia padre

“I feel like a crystal statue”

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Little Mattia’s body was found after eight days of agony. The words of his father are dramatic: “The pain annihilates me”.

Finding Mattia the father

By now all hope of little Mattia had been lost. The child died at the tender age of eight and it had disappeared during the flood that hit the Marches on 15 September. With the discovery in the past few hours, the body of the child will be able to return to the parents.

Impossible to describe the excruciating pain they felt: “In part I hoped they would not find him, now the hopes are over”, were the words of the father reported by the newspaper “La Repubblica”.

Finding Mattia, the sad words of the father

The words spoken by the father of the little Tiziano Luconi sound as much as ever like boulders: “I feel like a crystal statue being beaten and shattered. Pain annihilates me “he has declared.

Particularly dramatic was the way in which the child was torn from life. It was in fact the force of the water that separated mother and child, finally the discovery took place 13 km away from Farneto.

The mayor of San Lorenzo in Campo: “Now you can play in the sky”

Meanwhile, the mayor of San Lorenzo in Campo Davide Dellonti wrote on social media: “Hello Mattia. The embrace of an entire community for mothers, fathers and families.

A community that is crying with you right now. Now you can play in heaven, together with other angels like you and watch over us ”.