“I did not know that this disease existed”, Nabilla affected by a strange disease, Thomas Vergara and his son Milann infected with it!

While the young woman had confided on Snapchat that she did not feel on her plate, this August 3, the doctor diagnosed her with a childhood illness.

Aches, great fatigue, intense fever… these are the symptoms from which the little Vergara family has been suffering for a few days. Worrying, Nabilla therefore decided to call the doctor to have the verdict, “My darlings, I learned that I caught my son’s disease. It’s temporary, it lasts a long time. week”. A disease called “hand-foot-mouth” by the health professional, widespread in young children. And for good reason, it is indeed her little boy, Milann, who transmitted the disease to her… not really very nice “I have lots of little pimples on my body, I have fever, I have body aches… I now know what I have! For two days, I have had patches on my nose “.

Yes, for the past few months, little Milann has been going to nursery with other children. The opportunity for him to make friends and learn new things, but also the opportunity to catch some small germs, which are transmitted to parents ” There are many cases in this moment and adults can catch it too “. A terrible moment to pass for Nabilla who can no longer enjoy her summer vacation as it should, ” I am a little disgusted to have caught her . I have a sore throat… it’s really all at the same time. I didn’t even know it existed! ”. At least the whole family is united!

Don’t panic, the infection should only last a short week before everything is back to normal. The moment to rest, and to spend some time together before the resumption!

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