“I complete the certificate saying that it is negative and that's it”: these parents who no longer have their children tested

HEALTH PROTOCOL – While three self-tests per week are requested from children with contact cases to return to school, parents are throwing in the towel and ensure on social networks only complete the required sworn statement.

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Overriding the health protocol. This is the path chosen by many parents who claim to no longer carry out the three self-tests requested so that their children declared contact cases can return to class. But nothing prevents their toddlers from going back to school, as long as they arrive with a sworn statement signed by their parents and indicating the negative result of their screening tests.

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On social networks, some testify to the difficulty of applying the health protocol and simply confide in filling in the precious sesame. “In any case, I don’t even buy the self-tests, I just fill out the certificate in saying that it is negative and basta” assures one of them on Twitter.

“I certify that it is good. Sincerely. Kisses”

Others also try to anticipate any questions from teachers. “I also filled out the certificate, I told my little one that it had to be said that dad had done the tests. She had a laugh”, says a parent before adding: “we are at war, all means are good”. Other humorous images and messages published online have caused a lot of reaction, such as a photo on which we see a self-test tampered with in red and white pen to display a negative result as well as this message: ” I certify that it is good. Sincerely. Kisses”.

Read also But this way of circumventing the system in place in schools also exasperates some parents who express their anger online. “The children with contact cases returned to the crèche this morning with a test… in any case, a sworn statement of a negative test. Well, there are parents who admitted during the day that their child was in fact positive. But p##!”

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