With an engaging plot and full of breathtaking moments, the franchise The Hunger Games ( The Hunger Games ) is made up of three main books and has an announced prequel. In theaters, the series made history as one of the best and most faithful adaptations, with four films.

Chronological order to watch the films

So far, the only correct order to watch the films is the release order, which logically followed the order of the history of the books. If the future prequel book gets a theatrical adaptation, we may have two possible orders. For now, the correct sequence to check the features is:

  1. Hunger Games (2012)
  2. The Hunger Games: On Fire (2013)
  3. The Hunger Games: Hope – Part 1 (2014)
  4. The Hunger Games: Hope – Part 2 (2015)

Can books be read in more than one order?

When the prequel is released, yes! The three main books of the franchise follow the same story in a chronological way, starring Katniss Everdeen in her battle against the oppression of the Capital, represented in the figure of the feared President Snow.

The prequel , announced on 2020, will be many years before Katniss’ birth, accompanying Snow’s youth . Therefore, there are two possible orders, if we already have the prequel.

Launch order

  1. Hunger Games (2010)
  2. The Hunger Games: On Fire (2011)
  3. The Hunger Games: Hope (2012)
  4. The Song of the Birds and the Snakes (to be released on the day 19 May 2020 in the United States)

Chronological order

  1. The Song of the Birds and the Snakes (to be released on the day 19 from May of 2020 in the United States)
  2. Games Hunger (2010)
  3. The Hunger Games: On Fire (2011)
  4. The Hunger Games: Hope (2012)

Find out what’s going on in each movie The Hunger Games

In movies and books, actually! The adaptation of the franchise The Hunger Games is one of the most faithful that can be seen, with all the important events having made it to the big screen.

Probably needless to say, but it is always worth the warning: from here, there are spoilers of the whole saga !

Hunger Games

Years after the war that destroyed North America, the country reorganized itself into districts that together form the called Panem. Each of the 12 districts were assigned a production task (agriculture, mining, etc.). To prevent a further rebellion of the population, the government created the Hunger Games.

On the so-called Harvest Day, a boy and a girl between 12 and 18 years are drawn in each district to fight for its survival in the Hunger Games, which is shown to the whole country, as a way of demonstrating the government’s hegemony. Only one can win, that is, only one young man comes out alive from the unhealthy game.

While the districts still suffer from poverty and poor living conditions on a daily basis, the Capital lives on unnecessary, superfluous and futile luxuries, and need not participate in the deadly competition.

In the District 12, we met the protagonist Katniss Everdeen, a girl from 16 years old who lives with his mother and younger sister, Primrose. His father died in an explosion at the coal mine, where he worked in mining, an activity in his district. But this year, Prim was drawn to the Hunger Games. Desperate to save her sister’s life, Katniss offers herself as a tribute and goes to the deadly competition in Prim’s place.

Next to her, young baker Peeta Mellark is also selected . In the Capital, the chosen ones are presented as if they were stars of the sick reality. Each pair wins a coach, a winner / survivor from their district in previous Games. Katniss and Peeta’s trainer is Haymitch Abernathy, a man of few words and manners who lives with alcoholism.

In the arena, Katniss lives hell to survive. He sees alliances forming, strategies to get sponsors out of the games (who can send supplies and other things), he sees little Rue being killed, until, finally, only she and Peeta are alive. But only one can live.

The two refuse to kill each other and, in protest, they decide to kill themselves while eating poisonous fruits while the whole country watches. his affront to President Snow. The act is prevented, and the two are declared winners.

Although they survived, Katniss is now seen as a threat to the government, throughout its trajectory during the game. And the bird symbol that the young woman wore on a brooch, a thrush, is now seen in the streets as an image of resistance. Katniss is now a political target.

The Hunger Games: On Fire

After winning the 74 1st edition of the Hunger Games, Katniss and Peeta should live in peace, in the so-called Village of the Victorious, formed by large houses that would be the prize to the champions. However, the winners still have to go on an annual tour of the districts.

Katniss is visited by President Snow, who makes it clear that she is at risk for breaking the rules. He says that the lives of all her family and friends depend on her convincing everyone, during the tour, that her decision at the end of the games was motivated out of love for Peeta and not as a challenge to the government. But she can’t.

As a way to guarantee the elimination of Katniss and yet another demonstration of her power over Panem, President Snow manipulates the Games and announces the so-called Quartenário Massacre. The event is a “commemorative” edition of the Hunger Games, in which the competitors will be drawn among the winners of the previous editions. Katniss and Peeta are back in the arena.

Strategies and alliances are more important than ever. And they seem to be forming without Katniss being warned, with Haymitch trying to help outside. In the games, she and Peeta end up allying with Finnick Odair and Mags, from District 4; Beetee and Wiress, from 3; and rebel Johanna Mason, 7.

Upon discovering how the new arena works, they make a plan to destroy the force field that isolates the site. When the plan is successfully implemented, the explosions make Katniss pass out. She and other contestants are taken from there and taken to the legendary District 13, which many believed to have been destroyed years ago.

The District 12 was completely destroyed, and the friend of Katniss’ childhood, Gale, managed to save the girl’s family and other citizens. Unfortunately, the rebels failed to save Peeta from the arena, and he is in government custody. The revolution has begun.

The Hunger Games: Hope – Part 1

The District 13 survives underground and is ruled by Alma Coin, who leads the rebellion against Snow’s totalitarianism. President Coin wants Katniss to be the image of the rebellion, the thrush (bird she wore on her brooch), a position that the young woman won even against her will.

Attempts to produce false advertisements, with texts rehearsed for Katniss, however, do not work. You have to let her be herself. Katniss is sent to District 8, and visits a hospital for the wounded from the battles of the revolution that is taking place across the country. After the hospital is attacked, the young woman makes the first real speech, which is broadcast to all of Panem.

Peeta, Johanna and other survivors are rescued. But the government made Peeta a weapon. The young man was “tele-chased”, having suffered a kind of brainwashing and torture that takes away his memory and makes him believe that Katniss is the enemy. The two finally meet again. Peeta tries to kill Katniss.

The Hunger Games: Hope – Part 2

The time has come to invade the Capital. Katniss is sent to the squad 451, alongside Finnick, Gale, Cressida, Castor, Pollux, among other soldiers. After some advances by doctors, Peeta regains consciousness, and is sent along with them.

The traps in the Capital are many, and the squads are suffering numerous losses. In hiding, they devise a new plan: surround Snow’s mansion and capture the president once and for all to end the war and government exploitation. However, the rebels had already advanced into the capital, and the entire population of the city was in front of the president’s mansion – which promised asylum, but was only using them to protect itself.

A hovercraft with the insignia of the Capital bombards the city. Prim and hundreds of other children who helped with medical care die. Katniss passes out in the explosion. She wakes up inside Snow’s mansion, which now serves as a temporary hospital for the wounded. The Resistance won the battle. Katniss goes to where Snow is trapped.

Snow reveals that the hovercraft was sent by Coin, president of the District 13, as a strategy to strengthen the people’s hatred against him. Coin gathers the Hunger Games champions and suggests that, when they take power, they do one last edition of the competition only with children from the Capital.

When executing Snow in front of all over the Capital, Katniss changes the aim of her bow and arrow and kills Coin, aware that Snow would be killed by the population, as it does. In a new election, Paylor, commander of District 8 whom Katniss admired, was elected president of Panem.

Katniss and Haymitch return to the District 12 to rebuild it. Gale feels guilty for helping to build the weapon that killed Prim and moves to District 2, knowing that Katniss would never look at him the same way. Katniss and Peeta get married and have children, who appear in a scene more in the future, when peace prevails.

The Song of the Birds and the Snakes

A film adaptation of The Song of the Birds and the Snakes has already been confirmed by Lionsgate. Responsible for the other films in the franchise, the studio acquired the rights to Suzanne Coll’s new book ins. It is also speculated that Frances Lawrence, director of the films, will return to direct a possible new feature in the universe. There is still no more information.

The Song of the Birds and the Snakes is happening 64 years before the events starring Katniss Everdeen. The plot, this time, will accompany a young Snow, a privileged boy, but who still showed a good heart.

It is not yet known if other known characters from the original trilogy should appear, like young versions of Haymitch or other champions.

So, what order will you choose? Good reading or good marathon!