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How to get a German IP address in 2022? Tutorial

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If you are reading this article, it is surely that you are one of the many Internet users who are looking to obtain a German IP address. If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Indeed, a German IP address will allow you to browse more securely and more freely, freeing you from geo-restrictions to access content reserved for those located in Germany.

But how to do it ? We will explain everything to you without further delay.

Why seek a German IP?

If many Internet users want to have a German IP address, not all know the full benefits of this process. This will allow you to browse the Internet in a less limited way. Indeed, you will have the possibility of thwarting the geo-blockings, but also, know that this will act for your security and your confidentiality.

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Indeed, if you have a German IP address, web content reserved for German users will be accessible to you, regardless of whether you are in Germany or not. This is possible because with a German IP address the services and sites you want to connect to will think that you are there. Thus, they will not deny you access to their programs and content.

But what is less known is that all this will also protect you on the Internet. By obtaining a German IP address, your real IP address is no longer visible.

Knowing that the latter contains information such as your location and other information about you, it is therefore a very good point for your security and your confidentiality. So you can browse more anonymously online.

VPNs: the solution to having a German IP address

Have you been convinced by this brief description of the advantages offered? Then you will be happy to hear that there is nothing complicated about getting a German IP address. To proceed in a simple and fast way, you must equip yourself with a software called VPN.

For those who do not know, a VPN (for Virtual Private Network, or Virtual Private Network in French) is a software whose primary purpose is to ensure your security on the Internet. To achieve this, such a service will encrypt your browsing data and hide your IP address.

Thanks to these two processes, you will be protected from the risks of piracy, usurpation and espionage. But if a VPN is the ideal solution to have a German IP address, it is because such software will give you access to many servers around the world.

Therefore, if you choose a VPN that has servers in Germany, you can change your real IP address to a German IP address by connecting to it. So, to be sure of making the right choice, know that you can turn to the industry leader, ExpressVPN.

Get a German IP with ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN: the best performing VPN (and with servers in Germany)

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As we just said, ExpressVPN is a service that sets itself as a reference in 2022. It is therefore not surprising that it is quite optimal if you want to obtain a German IP address. Indeed, as for the servers offered by the software, know that they are very numerous: more than 3000, distributed in a total of 94 countries, and this, for more than 160 locations served.

And unsurprisingly, ExpressVPN gives you access to servers based in Germany. Therefore, you will be able to obtain a German IP address very simply, by connecting to these servers (in Frankfurt and Nuremberg).

In addition, know that ExpressVPN makes all this possible thanks to a simple application, which adapts to all your devices to accompany you everywhere (computer, tablet but also smartphone or game console and smart TV).

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ExpressVPN doesn’t forget about your security, though. This software encrypts your browsing information using a powerful and recognized algorithm, and completely camouflages your real IP address. You will thus enjoy 100% secure and anonymous browsing. Despite all these measures put in place, you have nothing to fear from a performance point of view. The speeds we saw during our tests were very good.

And if you really were to be disappointed, know that the supplier offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Tutorial: how to get a German IP address?

Before leaving you, we would like to quickly explain to you how to get a German IP address using the ExpressVPN application. To get started, go to its official website to subscribe to the VPN service. As soon as this is done, you will be able to download its application on the device(s) of your choice.

You will then have to identify yourself before you can use it. Then you will see that the interface offered by ExpressVPN is very simple and intuitive. To activate the protection, simply click on the “On/Off” button located in the center of your screen. The maneuver is the same to deactivate it.

And to have a German IP address, things are not more difficult. Open the VPN’s server list, and click on one of its Germany-based servers. ExpressVPN will then immediately mask your IP address and assign you a German IP address.

Get German IP AddressOnce connected to a VPN server in Germany, you will indeed have a German IP © WF News

Well, that’s it. No other manipulation is required. From this moment, you can therefore browse freely in order to access all the German content of your choice and be anonymous on the Internet, wherever you are.


Our article on getting a German IP address is now complete. We hope that this has helped you to see more clearly on the procedure to follow.

Clearly, you now know that a German IP address will not only allow you to browse anonymously, but will also offer you the possibility of unblocking all geo-restricted and German-only content.

So, wherever you are in the world, you can enjoy safer and freer browsing, simulating a presence in Germany, thanks to a VPN.

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