How to delete your Snapchat account?

Snapchat is a social network that offers multiple advantages to its users. Its launch was a resounding success. But very quickly, faults arose. Indeed, the recurrent hacking of accounts leads many users to unsubscribe from this network. Some even think that the app is poorly optimized. Why stay on a social network when you don’t gain anything as interest?

You are in the case and you want to leave Snapchat? Find out in this article how to delete your Snapchat account.

Snapchat, what is it?

Snapchat is the second most popular social network for teenagers after Facebook. It is available as a mobile application for Andoid, Smartphone and iOS devices. The network is administered by co-founder Spiegel Evan. According to the basic concept of the application, images, messages and videos that are sent by default are made available to the recipient for a short period of time.

Afterwards, these different contents become inaccessible. Indeed, it is an ephemeral system designed to foster a natural flow of interaction. This is easily understood, when we know that the designer of this application is a public company called Snap. This gives itself the status of a camera structure. Thus, he designs other products including Snapchat Spectacles.

What’s the point of this app?

The Snapchat app is mainly focused on sharing or sending private photos from person to person. However, it contains other functionalities. It can be used for a variety of different tasks.

The application allows the sending of short videos. It also offers its users, messaging, live video chat, designing cartoon-like avatars, sharing a story with multiple subscribers, and more. The social network even has a zone called “Discovery”. The latter features a short form of content from many major publishers including Buzzfeed.

In addition, Snapchat offers the possibility of storing media in a private area. As other features, it is possible to add filters, AR-focused lenses when it comes to snaps. The application can also display the position of the user live, and this, on a map of the world.

The easiest and most convenient task to perform with Snapchat is instant communication through the phone. It must be said that before this network, social media relied on the desktop. It was therefore a matter of collecting data.

For example, we publish tweets, photos, statuses, videos. These various elements are recorded online. In this way, friends can consult them, comment on them. In addition, it is possible to see them every day.

With Snapchat, the process is no longer the same. The way of communicating online has changed. Here, sending a photo can be done quickly with rainbow AR as the lens applied to a friend or loved one. After opening, it will disappear for good.

How does Snapchat work?

Snapchat only works under the aspect of a mobile application. It is not possible to run it from a web browser. It is therefore the opposite of other applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. The social network ensures good protection of the anonymity of its users.

It is possible to choose a pseudonym, but impossible to create an account and link it to a Twitter or Facebook account. Its use is a little intuitive at first with a more or less reduced interface. This is perhaps what charms young teenagers who are curious to experiment with it.

Its use is based on a direct messaging application. The user can send photos, videos, etc., and edit them by applying filters. There are also other elements that allow you to personalize the photo. For example, you can change your face by turning it into an emoji.

There is a section called History which allows you to save snaps during 24 h. It is also possible to keep Snaps by archiving them in Memories. You can use them once they are in this section, or even modify them if you want. If the objective is to use masks for sending a photo, just press and hold the face for a second.

The masks will appear, like a gesture and an animation for the face. By dragging the screen to any side, you can add color filters, temperature, movement speed, time and other interesting features. Snapchat is subdivided into three particular screens.

The middle screen allows you to take and edit photos and videos. The one on the left side has the inbox. The screen on the right side is for media and friends content. Adding friends is done by sliding your finger from top to bottom. The list is displayed and it is just a matter of clicking on the names.

How to delete your Snapchat account?

It should be noted that the removal of the Snapchat application from his Android or Smartphone does not exempt the user from ending up in the files of this company. To completely leave the social network, you must delete your Snapchat account and try unsubscribing.

Deletion can be done in two steps. You can disable the account for 28 days. In other words, no one can communicate with you during this partial opt-out period. After the 32 days of deactivation, the account will be completely deleted.

Delete Snapchat account from Android or iOS

It is possible to delete your account from the application. Whether you are on Android or iOS, the process is the same. It may be a bit long. For deletion, you need to login on the Snapchat app.

Then you need to go to the main menu. To do it, you have to click just at the top, and on the left on your Bitmoji.

At this stage , you must go to the “Settings” by clicking on the wheel at the top, and on the right. Once in the “Settings”, look for the submenu “Assistance”. To do this, scroll down the page to find the “Assistance” menu of the Snapchat application.

The “Assistance

sub-menu ” offers three elements. You must click on the first option proposed, namely “I need help”. On the new page that appears, select “My Account and Security”. Once in this category, you will need to select “Delete my account”.

However, you are not done yet. Indeed, the application sends you to a page that explains the process of deleting a Snapchat account. If you want to go quickly, you can click on “Portal dedicated to accounts”. The latter takes you to the page to finally deactivate your Snapchat account. You must enter your username and password. Then, you must click on “Continue” for confirmation.

Your account is thus deactivated. If, during 29 days, you you do not connect to it, the account will be completely deleted, and this, forever .

Delete your Snapchat account from your computer

The Snapchat social network is available only in mobile app. However, it is possible to delete it from a computer. To do this, you must log in to the Snapchat platform. You enter your username and password. As a reminder, these are the identifiers registered on the mobile application when creating the Snapchat account.

Once these fields have been filled in, you will have access to several choices. Simply click on “Delete my account”. By clicking on this button, you will still have to enter your password for the total deletion of the account. However, as the application specifies, you can go to the social network during the 32 days following the deletion of the account.

It must be said that many social networks grant these kinds of deadlines to users so that they can postpone their decision. It can also make it possible to show up when you are the victim of a hack. The timeline for deleting his Snapchat account is similar to that of Facebook.

If you finish deleting the account, Snapchat sends you an email to confirm the deactivation. In case you feel like revisiting your account within the time limit, you can log back into the app. It will just take you a few minutes. Once again, Snapchat will send you an email to let you know that your account is active again.

Ultimately, to delete your Snapchat account, there are two possibilities. You can do this from your computer or smartphone. For deletion from the computer, you must log in to the Snapchat site. Then you choose the option “Delete my account”. After this step, you must confirm the deletion.

You finally wait for 30 days for a total deletion of the Snap account. When it comes to deleting the account from a mobile, the process is similar. However, it seems a little longer and requires more clicks.