How to Clear cache and cookies?

How to Clear cache and cookies?

At Chrome

Open Chrome on your computer.
Click the other icon at the top right.
Click More Tools then Clear Browsing Data.
Select a time interval at the top. Select all times to delete everything.
Select the” cookies and other site data “and” Cached images and files ” check boxes.
Click Clear Data.

How to Clear cache and cookies?

In other browsers
If you are using Safari, Firefox, or another browser, check the browser’s support site for instructions.

What happens when you clear this information?
When you clear your cache and cookies:

Some settings on sites are deleted. For example, if you are logged on, you must log on again.
If you turn sync on in Chrome, your session will remain open in the Google account you’re syncing so you can delete your data from all devices.
Some sites may appear slower because content such as images will have to be reloaded.
Cache and Cookie operation
Cookies are files created by the sites you visit. Cookies facilitate your experience on the internet by saving your browsing data.
The cache remembers parts of pages (such as pictures) to help them open faster during your next visit.

CCleaner is one of the most popular programs in this area. In the program, you can choose which data you want to delete, or perform extensive computer maintenance. At the same time, thanks to the program, you can also delete various unnecessary files that will load on the computer, such as cache, error logs, temporary files, with one click. When used regularly, CCleaner prevents system slowdowns and helps reduce the likelihood of software errors. Among the advantages of the program is that it offers the ability to restore the system, is free, and is easy to use. Especially if you are looking for a low-size and simple program that you can always use, you can choose Cccleaner. It also offers HTML 5-supported database cleaning thanks to recent improvements. In addition, it is worth noting that it offers support within different browsers, such as Safari, Chrome, Mozilla, Opera.

Slimcleaner, shown among the best computer cleaning programs, helps delete unnecessary files with one click. The program, which is effective in removing malicious toolbars, also handles various issues such as disk cleaning, unnecessary file cleaning in a short time. In addition, the program, which has an evaluation system for the security of applications, offers various different features, such as deleting programs. In addition, its other features are the same as various cleaning programs. This free program is recommended for those who are looking for a free program for computer maintenance.

Advanced SystemCare Free
A free version of Advanced System care, this program performs all kinds of maintenance operations in detail, although it is free. The program has various advantages such as cleaning the system, optimization, system development, searching for and cleaning malicious files, and also comes to the fore with the Windows problem solver feature. By choosing the full version of the program, you can also start using various additional features such as malware protection, file shredding, software deletion. This program, which stands out among system cleaning programs, is one of the options that is especially interesting for those who want to do more thorough computer cleaning.

Glary Utilities
Glary Utilities is among the other programs of choice for computer maintenance and cleaning. This program, which provides unnecessary file deletion and system optimization, helps the computer run faster. It has both a paid and free version. The paid version has richer and more comprehensive features. Features such as one-click automatic maintenance, automatic system cleaning in the program help you complete maintenance operations more simply. At the same time, you can plan system cleaning and restore maintenance operations effortlessly. Glary Utilities has different advantages than other computer cleaning programs. Spyware comes before users with different features such as deleting, repairing faulty folder paths, detecting and cleaning empty folders, and managing startup. On the other hand, different features such as Registry Repair, junk files removal are also very popular by users.

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