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How to choose the right pool for our home

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Home is the place where we spend a lot of our time and we try to make it as efficient as possible. The choice of smart appliances goes hand in hand with functional furniture and the desire to surround ourselves with objects that can make our free time enjoyable. This is even more true if you have a garden or terrace.

Gazebo, barbecue or relaxation corner are among the must-haves when outdoor is available, but if we really want to make it special, we cannot give up the pool.

The perfect barbecue for a fragrant and succulent barbecue

Choosing it is not a simple thing, starting from the available budget, the model also plays a central role that essentially revolves around two options: in-ground or above-ground swimming pool? Are we undecided between the two? So let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Inground pool

Deciding to build one in our garden inground pool it is not just a question of design and form, before starting the work we need to know that there are some aspects to take into consideration.

After establishing the budget and asking for estimates, we must not forget the request for permissions. In reality there is no single legislation, but it varies according to the region and in some cases even between one municipality and another. So in order not to make mistakes it is always better to inquire directly at the technical office of the municipality to which you belong or contact a professional.

Once all the permits have been obtained, there is the phase of construction and the times are relatively short because 3/4 weeks are enough before being able to relax by the pool.

Having obtained the necessary permits and choosing the company, it remains only to decide which model we prefer among those available.

Reinforced concrete swimming pools

A great classic when you decide to have a swimming pool in the garden is the model in reinforced concrete infinity, whose construction must be entrusted to a specialized company because it requires a lot of precision. If designed correctly, however, it can withstand time and wear very well.

Another advantage of this type of swimming pool is the possibility of customize it freely both in terms of shape and size, and for coatings. Tiles, PVC, natural stone or resins are just some of the materials to be used, the important thing is to choose the one that best reflects our tastes and the available budget. Indeed, its construction is one of the more expensive especially as regards the assembly and construction work, which at the same time also increase the construction times.

Polystyrene formwork pools

Valid alternative to concrete pools, the advantages of this model are the speed of construction ei reduced costs, while maintaining a good level of thermal insulation. This is possible because the tank is made up of empty polystyrene blocks made of EPS (Synthesized Expanded Polystyrene) arranged one on top of the other in which to insert the metal mesh to accommodate the poured concrete. Polystyrene formworks can be both curved and straight, but the choice of shape is limited. Although in theory all coatings can be used, it is better to use PVC to avoid problems, but greatly reducing the possibility of creating a pool that fully reflects our tastes.

Pools in steel panels

Almost as durable as concrete ones are often chosen because in addition to resistance, installation is quick. In fact, it is sufficient to create a slab about 15 centimeters thick on which to mount the panels in galvanized or stainless steel to which are added some buttresses to make it self-supporting. In recent years it has been possible to create swimming pools with always different depths and shapes thanks to the panels that allow to obtain different curves, on the contrary, between the materials for the coating there is only PVC which limits its customization

Fiberglass swimming pools

Formed by a monobloc or two-block structure they allow you to choose the most varied shapes to which the speed of construction is added. Just create the excavation and the slab and place the tank inside it without the need to create the lining. The works are few, but in reality most of the cost is due to the real basin to which the transport must also be added. Furthermore, the material allows it to be customized according to our tastes, but the limit lies in what the market offers.

Above ground swimming pool

The installation of above-ground pools is much easier than in-ground pools and this option is usually chosen if we have a low budget, if we cannot dig in the garden due to landscape constraints or simply if we do not own the property.

As for the inground pool, there are many models available:

  • Support frame swimming pool: the structure made with tubular steel anchored to the ground, houses a PVC or polyester tank, characteristics that make it very resistant. While they are easy to assemble and disassemble, they are very expensive
  • Stiff swimming pool: the structure is made of rigid panels in different materials such as steel, wood or coated steel able to recreate the effect we prefer between stone and wood. Resistant to low temperatures and all types of atmospheric agents, it can be left mounted all year round. It can be medium and large in size and has a depth of about 120-130 cm.
  • Self-supporting and inflatable swimming pool: made of PVC or polyester, it is economical because it supports itself, thanks to the inflatable edge, once filled with water. The limitation of this model is that it is usually small and you have to be careful not to puncture the inner tube
  • Hydromassage pool: perfect for the garden or the terrace, the advantage is that it can be used all year round because it is able to heat the water. Made of coated PVC, it is more resistant to punctures and is equipped with water jets to have bubbles and create the hydromassage effect. This type of swimming pool is not particularly large, it is usually suitable for 2-4 people maximum

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