How to Change Profile Background on Steam?

As you know, users can edit their profiles freely on Steam, the most popular game platform in the world. One of the most useful features in Steam, which offers a wide range of possibilities, is to change the profile background.

In this article, we will talk about how the Steam profile background changes for you and how you can buy new backgrounds. You can also buy great backgrounds from Steam during discount times, and you can put your profile in perfect shape with the method we will explain.

How to change the Steam profile background?

  • Step # 1: Open Steam and hover above your username, select Profile from the popup window.
  • Step # 2: Click Edit Profile located under the Level section.
  • Step # 3: Click on the link that says Profile Background.
  • Step # 4: Make your choice of Profile Background you previously purchased and set how you want it to look.
  • Step # 5: Save the changes and you’re done.

Step # 1: Open Steam and hover above your username, select Profile from the popup window.


After logging into your Steam account , move the mouse cursor over the box with your user nickname from the top menu. Click on “Profile” from the list that opens. Here you will see your profile.

Step # 2: Click Edit Profile located under the Level section.


You will see the ” Edit Profile ” option under the section where your level and badges are located . Again, we click by bringing our mouse cursor here.

Step # 3: Click on the link that says Profile Background.


Under the General and Avatar sections you will see the ” Profile Background ” link. Now the adventure begins. Ready to change your Steam Profile Background ?

Step # 4: Make your choice of Profile Background you previously purchased and set how you want it to look.


  • You have purchased from the Steam market
  • From Steam trading cards
  • That you have purchased through the Steam Points Shop

all backgrounds are waiting for you in this section. Here you can view all your favorite games or backgrounds you have purchased through the Steam Point Shop . There is a point at this point, Steam now asks you if it should overlay in full screen or original size when making Profile Background changes.

When adjusting the background resizing in Steam, make sure that your background looks optimally. Previously, the backgrounds that could cover the profile screen were not stylish because they made full screen coverage.

Step # 5: Save the changes and you’re done.


Yes, your Steam Profile background has changed now, congratulations. You can record and broadcast all the backgrounds you have bought with this method. Coolest backgrounds from each other are available on the Steam platform. You can buy and try almost any of them.

We Have No Profile Backgrounds, How To Buy?


Don’t worry, let’s explain this for you. We know you’ve seen your friends’ cool backgrounds so far and haven’t figured out where to buy them. Maybe you’ve just started the Steam platform. Or have you never heard of the Steam Point Shop  ?

Can’t it be? Of course it can. Webtekno team has helpful writers for you. Then let’s buy a cool Profile Background for you.

How to Get a Steam Profile Background?


As a matter of fact, there are four methods for this. The first three are quite logical and colorful methods, the last one might be a little more annoying of course.

Let’s add Steam profile background before moving on to the section; Steam helps users customize the background in many ways with the latest updates. So even if you buy a game, you can have a great background with the points you earn through the Steam Points Shop .

Buying Profile Background from the Steam market


It is easiest to purchase Profile Backgrounds from the Steam marketplace . You can buy the backgrounds that are sold at very affordable prices and add them to your profile immediately with the method we wrote above. Stylish backgrounds of your favorite games are available at variable prices in the market.

Getting profile background from Steam trading cards


Steam trading cards keep dropping on your profile. You can earn Steam Profile Backgrounds by completing and processing collectible cards for the games you play here. Many of the users in the market are doing their background gains like this.

Getting profile background from Steam Points Shop


The Steam Point Shop has been on the Steam platform for not too long. As you make game purchases, you accumulate points here. With the points you have accumulated, you can buy animated backgrounds, profile pictures and many Steam visual functions. It’s a great way to get animated backgrounds of the games you play.

Crash to profile backgrounds of your Steam friends


When you look at the profiles of your friends who spend a lot of time on Steam, you will notice that they have a lot of backgrounds. You can ask them for their kindly polite Profile background. Steam Profile Backgrounds can be traded. So you can have a beautiful background. We hope it has been a useful guide for you. You can also check out our other guides.


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