How To Change Camera Background In Google Meet In 5 Steps?

How To Change Camera Background In Google Meet In 5 Steps?

Google’s popular app Google Meet COVID-19’le started to take more part in our lives. Google’s only partners and the application it uses within itself suddenly began to take part in the most widely used Conference software in the world. Even the fact that a company that has almost come to the stage of giving up Hangouts has made product development in an instant shows how the pandemic has created an opportunity for some companies.

If you have a bad background in the app with the latest development in Google Meet, You can blur your background or use a “virtual background”. The biggest problem for many users is the inability to change the background in Google Meet, which we hope we will fix in this article.

In the article, where we will solve the background problem in Google Meet in 5 steps, you will now be able to use virtual backgrounds and blur options. If you want your room or the environment you are in in your meetings or live classes, you will not have to show it to anyone.

Step #1: device control

Google Meet is very important for the device you use first to change the background. The background Change feature on mobile devices has not yet been activated in the Google Meet app. In order to make a virtual background, you must always use the desktop version of the application.

If you say I will use my phone, you can try logging in by saying run your mobile Chrome browser on the “desktop version”. Although there is a serious possibility that you will experience a decline in performance, it is also possible that virtualization does not work. So make sure that your device that you are going to follow these steps is using desktop Chrome.

Step # 2: version control


You must make sure that your version of Google Chrome is in the most current version and marked as 64 bit. Google Chrome works like an operating system. Be sure to check your Chrome version so that live streaming and virtualized backgrounds can work. As we write this article, Google Chrome version appears as 89.0.4389.90 (official compilation) (64 bit).

To check your version of Google Chrome, click the three-point Menu > Help > About Google Chrome button in the upper-right corner. Here you can see your version of Google Chrome and update it as you like.

Step # 3: hardware acceleration

First, What Does Google Chrome hardware acceleration do? Talk to you about that. When Google Chrome hardware acceleration is turned on, it rides the GPU (video card) instead of riding the load CPU (processor) for actions such as video viewing and live streaming in Google Chrome. In this way, all the processes that will be called heavy loads in your browser start working through the GPU.

Google Chrome is a very smart browser, so the instant processor can restrict the functions on Google Meet depending on your use. So if your Google Meet backgrounds haven’t been turned on yet, you need to activate the hardware acceleration function. You need to turn on hardware acceleration under the three-point Menu > Settings > Advanced > System in the upper-right corner. After doing this, you must restart your browser. Usually, the background problem is solved at this stage, but it can still be a problem.let’s go to step 4.

Step # 4: control Chrome Extension

Google Chrome extensions often overlap with Google Meet. Here you can close all extensions and experiment. Video extensions, in particular, seriously affect Google Chrome. If your Google Meet background feature is active, you can figure out which background feature conflicts by activating extensions one by one in turn.

If background features are still not active in Google Meet when you turn off all extensions, go to step 5 with all of your extensions turned off. Step 5 will be a step in which we will make some radical settings, and in the finale, we will solve your problem of not being able to change the background in Google Meet.

Step # 5: WebGL Control

WebGL is an acronym for Web Graphics Library. It is used in web browsers to draw 3D images. Now that it has become a web standard, WebGL may not work as you want in your browser. We need to check whether your browser supports WebGL 2.0 first. From here, you can go to WebGL Report and see if your browser supports WebGL 2.

In this step 2. We check whether Major performance Caveat says Yes or no. Major Performance Caveat must write no. If Yes is checked in this section, you need to open a new tab in Google Chrome and type chrome://flags. In the Search Flags section, you will find the” Override software rendering list ” section. The major Performance Caveat section will be the no. Now you can blur your background on Google Meet or start using it by installing a virtual background.

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