How singer Jenifer finds herself in the new season of “Love is in the meadow”!

In a few weeks, the faithful of Love is in the meadow will be filled! The show will make its comeback on M6 for a new season, once again rich in emotions, laughter and favorites, of course.

With the pretty and brilliant Karine Le Marchand at the helm, the most famous agricultural dating in France continues to score pretty well and is one of the biggest machines in the sixth channel.

Besides, there will be some small changes this year, especially on the sound side. It’s a gorgeous cover of I’m Waiting for Jenifer’s Love that viewers will be able to hear in the official Love Is In The Meadow trailers.

The performer is a man named Saam who, quite proud of having been chosen, shared with immense joy this happy news which may well boost his career … and it is obviously all the evil that we wish him!

Public invites you to discover this cover, just below. One thing is certain, Jen, she does not need a program to find love, she is happy and radiant in the arms of Ambroise, a Corsican with whom she recently welcomed her third child baptized Juvanni.

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