How quickly can your password be cracked?

The observation is bitter, despite the many cries of alarm from cybersecurity experts, the general public often continues to neglect their passwords. Thus, according to a study by the company NordPass, “123456” and “unknown are the two most used in leading American companies. It goes without saying that such simplicity puts users in great danger and their accounts are very easily accessible to malicious actors.

Up to 12 years are needed to find certain passwords

Statista has precisely relied on data from the site to establish a very interesting infographic. One thing is clear from the start: some more complex passwords can also be very easily found by hackers.

It’s #ComputerSecurityDay and the perfect time to remind you to take your #passwords seriously. Cyber ​​security doesn’t have to be complicated, follow the guidelines on the first chart and never use the passwords from the second for a good start.

— Statista (@StatistaCharts) November 30, 2021

In detail, we can therefore see that in the case where a “password” contains only characters without capital letters, hacking is child’s play up to eleven letters but becomes more difficult from 12, and it will still take 3 weeks to overcome.

The use of capitals does not change the situation very much up to 8 characters, beyond that, the task of pirates turns out to be more difficult, even very difficult when there are some 12. It is almost the same when at least one number is added. Thus, the hack remains quite simple up to 6 characters but then becomes much more complex until it takes… 550 years if the password contains characters.

Finally , the addition of at least one capital letter, a number, and a symbol does not really change the situation up to 6 characters and its discovery remains very easy for a pirate. But beyond that, it is very difficult to find and the estimate is even 12 30 years if the password contains more than 12 characters…

Of course, these calculations are made according to the computing power of the current processors. Quantum computing, however, is a game-changer and calls into question our current security systems .

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