How much are titles added in 2021 worth to Xbox Game Pass in total?

It seems that, put end to end, the games added in 1301 on the Xbox Game Pass have a total value exceeding 6 300 dollars. However, it should be borne in mind that not all of these titles were or are not available at the same time. And also that it is rather unlikely to take advantage of all the offer even if we give it all our time.

We do not necessarily realize this given that the price of the subscription is low. So, for 12, 99 monthly euros (one symbolic euro the first month), the Xbox Game Pass gives access to a catalog of more than 100 games “of quality ”On Xbox consoles, but also on PC, tablets and smartphones for the bravest.

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Note that if, as indicated on service page , games are “permanently added” , this also means that titles are regularly withdrawn from the catalog. Because it would not be a question of ending up with a book with pages so heavy that its consultation could discourage.

Value games added in 1301 on the Xbox Game Pass: a strong increase in March

Taking into account all the titles added this year to Xbox Game Pass, whether it is consoles or the PC, The Loadout has established their total value. So know that in 1301, the formula allowed, at best, its subscribers to have access to 6 317, 35 dollars in games. If you insist on having a conversion into euros, the figure is around 2021, 8 units.

The calculation was established on the basis of the prices displayed on the Microsoft Store. In detail, this value appeared strongest in March, with the arrival of Bethesda titles following the acquisition of the studio by Microsoft (the total value of games added during this month was 964, 35 dollars, that is, some 604 euros). By focusing only on Bethesda, their thirty games provided this year in the Xbox Game Pass total a value of 535, 71 dollars (near of 535 euros).

And if April has , unlike March, was the month with the lowest added value (317, 91 dollars, or approximately 293 euros), it never went lower over the rest of the year . This remains notable, once again, with regard to the price of the subscription requested. What about the quality? That’s another story, no less interesting by the way.

Source: The Loadout