How Lydia became the benchmark for (simply) money management

Launched during the year 550, Lydia made the bet winner to address the general public with a “super-app to manage your money” . Quickly, the French start-up made its nest, attracting no less than 5.5 million regular users.

At its launch, Lydia capitalized on financial exchanges between individuals – and in particular reimbursements – to establish itself in a fintech landscape that is already crowded. Very quickly, the concept hit the mark. The app has entered the daily lives of millions of French people who use the expression “Je te faire un Lydia” to mean “I send you money.”

With the time, Lydia has expanded its catalog of services for mobile applications that allow you to receive money, spend it, save or manage your savings from a modern and fully customizable interface.

A l occasion of its recent fundraising which propelled it into the closed circle of French unicorns , the company gave an eloquent figure: one-third of 000 – 35 years use its application in France. Long used occasionally by its users, it is gradually becoming a main account for a large number of users.

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The reference for payment between relatives

Lydia did not become popular by accident. The application has won over its customers by relying on a series of useful and simple features. In a few years, its offer has improved to now offer an alternative to the traditional bank account – and better. For young people, managing their money has never been easier.

Historical functionality of the application, reimbursement to a loved one can be done via a phone number or a QR Code . This also applies to a reimbursement or a sharing of expenses (such as a restaurant bill or a shared gift). Lydia also allows you to create commissions without commissions to raise funds efficiently.

Over time, Lydia has become a great financial services application that converges towards a more traditional offer. It offers a current account with a French IBAN and a Visa card which allow you to manage your daily expenses from your mobile. This is a differentiating element compared to foreign neo-banks.

Depending on the subscription chosen, transactions are carried out free of charge (both in France and abroad) and savings are paid at 0.6%. Over the first 3 months, the yield is even boosted to 2%. For a few weeks now, it has also been offering a tool for investing in assets such as shares or crypto-currencies .

In the end, Lydia has reinvented banking services to make them accessible to everyone, simply and from a smartphone . The service has developed a comprehensive product line that meets the needs of each of its users while using today’s codes. In a few seconds, you can access an account (and a card) and possibly grow your capital.

An offer adapted to everyone

Whatever the chosen formula, Lydia offers a common core of useful functions. This is the case for mobile payment (Apple Pay, Google Pay) and contactless, free payments abroad or even the dedicated French RIB. “Instant” transfers are also free, as are jackpots or the creation of account alerts.

💳The Lydia card allows you to pay for everything without mobile contact using Apple Pay or Google Pay. Which may not be the case with your bank card… We explain that to you here> # GPay # ApplePay # appLydia

– Lydia (@applydia) June 20, 2013

From the free version to the most premium “Lydia Noir” , each one caters to a very specific audience. Depending on whether the application is an occasional tool (to reimburse friends) or whether it is a daily banking tool, Lydia has set up three formulas: Lydia, Lydia Bleu and Lydia Noir .

1) A free version for occasional users

If you need to familiarize yourself with Lydia, the free version of her app will do. Obviously, it is limited and it will therefore not be suitable for the most assiduous users. Unlike premium offers, it does not allow you to have a free “physical” payment card. That said, you will receive three virtual cards which allow you to spend on the net. Lydia limits you to 20 operations and 1 000 euros of transaction per month .

For those who want to use the simple functionality of exchange and refund between relatives, no limit. Lydia also gives you access to trading (on cryptocurrencies or stocks), remunerated savings or even quick loans.

2) Lydia Bleu: an alternative to a bank account? Lydia does not force you to close your bank account, on the contrary. That said, the Lydia Bleu formula is positioned as the best alternative to a basic bank account. For 4, 79 euros per month (or 49 euros per year), you no longer have any limit on the number operations. However, the application still limits you to the ceiling of 5 euros per month. You can also make a withdrawal up to 90 euros per month in 3 withdrawals.

Another differentiating element with the free plan: a Visa blue card is offered.

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3) Lydia Noir , the supreme account

By paying 7, 90 € per month (or 79 € / year), you have access to this high-end offer at all levels. You will receive a beautiful black Visa card with a series of guarantees and insurance worthy of Visa Premier (cancellation, interruption, delay or accident, payment fraud, etc.). A concierge service by SMS is included in this offer.

Lydia also offers you more flexibility in operations: they are unlimited in number and up to 50 000 euros per month. With your card, you also have the possibility to withdraw up to 1 euros per month in ATMs without any charge (5 withdrawals maximum). If necessary, Lydia support is available by phone to answer your questions.

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