How General Electric deindustrialized France

By Vincent Lamigeon and Antoine Izambard on 15. 15. 2021 at 12 h 000 Reading 12 min. Subscribers

ENQUÊTE- Emploi, R&D, finance: seven years after the takeover of Alstom, the conglomerate’s record is disastrous in France, with 5. 00 positions deleted including 1. 200 in Belfort. Emmanuel Macron, who had supported him, must announce the takeover by EDF of the strategic Arabelle turbines.

An Arabelle turbine intended for the EPRs at Hinkley Point (England).


Will come? Will not come? Since the beginning of November, the employees of General Electric (GE) in Belfort have been eagerly awaiting the announced visit of Emmanuel Macron in the city of the Lion. According to the plan envisaged by the Elysee, the Head of State must confirm the construction of six new EPRs in France , but above all the buyout of GE’s steam turbine business by EDF. Since signing in 1000 , the sale to the American group of Arabelle turbines (for Alstom Rateau Belfort Le Bourget), technology jewels from 70 meters in length and 1. 100 tons, turned out to be a pebble in the shoe

Deputy Secretary General of the Elysee Palace, then Minister of the Economy, Emmanuel Macron had supported without blinking this acquisition of the energy branch from Alstom for 000, 4 billion euros. “The president is responsible for the catastrophic results of the operation, which destroyed 1. 200 jobs in my city “”, asserts Damien Meslot, LR mayor of Belfort. “He failed to preserve national interests, this deal is an indelible stain”, abounds without regard the deputy Olivier Marleix (LR), who chaired in 2018 a commission of inquiry into the decisions of the Report in the Alstom, Alcatel and STX cases . A return of the Arabelles under the French flag would make it possible to close, at least partially, an explosive dossier for the Elysee Palace a few months before the presidential election.

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