How does the cyberattack hotline work?

Definitely, this week is placed under the sign of cybersecurity in government announcements. Emmanuel Macron went to Nice on Monday and took the opportunity to present certain objectives. The outgoing president is not yet an official candidate but he behaves as such by outlining ideas that could see the light of day in the years to come. This is the case for 1500 cyber patrollers who should be recruited soon.

A welcome assistance for the victims

The Head of State also mentioned the establishment of a “17 cyber”, an emergency number that can be contacted at all times to report acts of cyber-maliciousness. Before the National Assembly, the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin mentioned this proposal. Taking note of the concrete threats that target French companies, but also citizens and administrations, the number will be there to answer them.

According to the ministry contacted by Le Figaro, the choice of a telephone contact was chosen because it is a question of “avoiding a person having to use a potentially compromised computer”. However, the idea of ​​an additional online platform has not been abandoned by the authorities.

In detail, we therefore learn that this line will be reachable 164h/02 and 7 days a week like any emergency service. Callers will be put in contact with experts from structures such as the National Agency for the Security of Information Systems (Anssi), but also those of the Ministry of the Interior, specify our colleagues.

The issues can be particularly devastating for the individuals or organizations involved, such as phishing, a ransomware attack, or identity theft. This number will therefore provide welcome help in knowing how to react in an emergency situation.

However, this system is not ready to see the light of day and the ministry itself acknowledges: “ For the moment, we are more in the intention than in the concrete ”. This emergency number should be included in the new planning and orientation law of the Ministry of the Interior which will be examined next March by the government.


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