For example, if you in town or when you see someone you think is cute, what is the best way to talk to him / flirt with him?

How do you address guys?

just go there and ask how much time it is but you should look that the church clock oda something is not right next to it and then maybe ask what the boys are doing here and then just ask if you are allowed to come with oda something like sry but I don’t know any more   ah and you can still ask where the boys come from unless you know that they live in the 2nd village  Good luck.

Just talk to him, no matter what. And then you realize whether you should continue, or better stop trying to arouse his interest or to impress him and if he is not into you, then you can actually forget about it because guys find that annoying so try it, but don’t exaggerate, because the mother of the porcelain box is careful when things go well, ask for his cell phone number then write him the next day and if he answers, then you have hit the bull’s eye..

How do you address guys? FAQ

How do you spell guys?

Since you guys is colloquial, if you’re writing down the possessive of the word, you should use a spelling that reflects its pronunciation. If you’re wondering what to use in conversation, the answer is whatever you’ve been using all along. (I probably use your guys’ and your guys’s most of the time.)

How do you address a group of people?

If you’re sending it to a group of people, address it to some defining aspect of the group. If you really don’t know, use “to whom it may concern.” You don’t need gendered words for letter greetings, and half the time they’re awkward phrasing anyway.

What does “you guys” mean?

The word “guy”, in its singular form, is used to refer to a man, so it’s gender specific. However, in colloquial language, you can also use the expression “you guys” to refer to a group of people.

Can You Say “You Girls” or “you ladies?

If it’s just a group of girls you can say “you girls” or “you ladies” or whatever you prefer, but guys is acceptable. You cannot use “guys” generally to refer to women in all situations. For example, if you were to say “I went out to dinner with some guys from work” I would assume that it was a group of all men.