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How Apple will now entice you to buy the most expensive iPhones

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According to the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is in the process of completely reviewing the range strategy of its iPhones to reserve its latest chips only for high-end models and make you checkout at the same time.

The component shortage affects everyone in the smartphone industry, including Apple. But the company intends to use this to its advantage by reviewing its range strategy and reserving its latest chips for the most expensive iPhone models to encourage you to pay full price.

A range strategy well controlled by Apple

A few weeks ago, we mentioned the high probability that Apple would reserve its new A16 chip for its iPhone 14 Pro. The other models in the range would then retain the A15 chip present on all iPhone 13s, with perhaps a little more RAM. There is also talk of a new design that would be reserved for the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, leaving the iPhone 14 and 14 Max (which comes to replace the iPhone mini) with the “old” design.

If this represents a change from the iPhone 13 which all benefit from a notch and the same A15 chip, it would not be the first time that Apple has differentiated its different smartphone models more markedly. We remember, for example, the iPhone X in 2017 which was the only one to benefit from a new design and Face ID, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus being simply improved versions of the iPhone 7.

Apple could take advantage of shortages to increase its margins

You would think that Apple chooses to integrate different chips in its next models to be able to face the shortages of semiconductors. But according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, this differentiation would be part of a new Apple business strategy. This year, the Californian company’s objective would be to make its top-of-the-range models, which are also the most expensive, more attractive.

Apple hopes that its iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will represent 60% of new iPhones sold by the end of 2022. A strategy that would increase the average price of iPhones and Apple’s profits at the same time. But the apple brand would not stop there. Also according to Kuo, this new differentiation strategy would also apply to entry-level and mid-range phones.

The iPhone SE 2022, which is Apple’s most affordable iPhone, benefits for example from the latest chip, the A15 Bionic. In the future, the company could reuse its old chips to mark a little more the differences that exist between its different models.

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