How a Realist Rebuilt the Kingdom: All about Season 1

In 2021, anime fans discovered a lot novelties and the Isekai genre was really honored. If this genre is becoming more and more recurrent, it must be recognized that mangakas are trying new approaches. Among the Isekai released last year, “How a Realist Rebuilt the Kingdom” might please you.

Credits: JCStaff While the anime has just resumed service, it would be nice to come back to the events of the first season.


A hero unlike any other

Many otakus no longer know where to turn with the long list of anime that comes out every year. A slightly out-of-the-ordinary Isekai anime meanwhile debuted last year. In the fantastic universe of “How a Realist Rebuilt the Kingdom”, we follow the adventures of Souma Kazuya.

To Unlike other Isekai anime, the hero of the story does not stand out from the others with physical or magical strength. He doesn’t even have such skills. Souma’s unique strength is his intelligence and he makes good use of it. When he has just been summoned to the kingdom of Elfrieden, he learns from the ruler of these lands that the said kingdom is heavily in debt.

To pay it, the latter intends to deliver it as a bargaining chip to obtain a reprieve. As you can imagine, this is quite a complicated situation. But Souma manages to convince the king to abandon this project and offers him another alternative. The latter is convinced and goes so far as to cede the throne to him.

A new king who is not unanimous

Although he had just been enthroned king, he already facing resistance. Many of the subjects loyal to the previous king do not understand the reason for his abdication. They immediately imagine that Souma must have put pressure on him and decide to act accordingly. Now that he is king, he has new responsibilities and an entire kingdom to rule.

Unfortunately for him, the task looks very tough. As he sifts through the finances of the kingdom and all the administrative documents, he quickly realizes that the situation is critical. To turn the tide, he will have to put in place various measures and this cannot be done without the help of competent people. Souma will therefore do everything to surround himself with talented people to assist him. But straightening the kingdom is not its only problem.

Those who do not recognize him as a legitimate ruler are ready to use force and have a large army. Souma will then have to put down the rebellion to establish his authority. To do this, he deploys all his diplomatic arsenal to bring them to their senses. However, this will not be enough and he will be forced to resort to force. Although the situation is improving and peace has returned to his kingdom, he will face a greater threat in Season 2.

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