Housing savings plan: the rate of new PEL blocked at 1%, here is why

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Unlike Livret A, LDDS and Livret d’├ępargne populaire, the yield of the housing savings plan (PEL) will not increase on 1 February. Indeed, the rule for calculating the PEL rate is far removed from that of other regulated savings products.

Through Thibaut LAMY Journalist investments, heritage Published on 14//2019 at 20h40 The information will not get you escaped. As of February 1 2018, the yield net of Livret A will be raised from 0.5% to 1%. Same increase for the rate of the Booklet of sustainable and inclusive development (LDDS), which also benefits from the government’s boost, as announced this Friday 14 January by the Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire. Better still, the remuneration of the People’s savings book, the LEP, will rise on this same date from 1% to 2.2%, thus following the rate of annual inflation (excluding tobacco) over the last six months. But what is planned for the housing savings plans (PEL)? Quite simply nothing, for old plans as for those opened from February 1st. And this for two simple reasons. First of all because the rate of a PEL is fixed at its opening, and for the duration of its life. Nothing to hope for, so on the side of the plans opened after August 1st 2016, their remuneration remaining at the legal floor of 1%.