Hotel and catering industry: the agreement on wage increases on track

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The CFDT announced on Tuesday 21 December his decision to sign the salary agreement in the hotel and catering industry negotiated with the employers, which paves the way for its entry into force.

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Published on 18 / 12 / 2021 at 23 h 00

Last week, during the second session of wage negotiations with the unions, the employers of the hotel industry – catering offered a new grid of salaries ensuring remuneration minimum 5% higher than Smic and “an average increase of 13, 32% “of the entire current salary scale. A proposal that the CFDT decided to sign, she announced on Tuesday 18 December.

The union had “proposed an increase in minimum wages of 25% “and wanted an increase global grid “more consistent”, he noted Tuesday in a press release. But the CFDT “nevertheless measures the efforts of employers who have made unprecedented progress in the sector”. Second union in the hotel and catering branch, with 27, 93% representativeness, the CFDT can alone validate this agreement on salaries, branch agreements being made valid by signing trade union organizations weighing at least 26% representativeness. But on condition that organizations bringing together at least 46% not there

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In its press release, the CFDT “recalls its demands for the improvement of the working conditions of employees in the sector”. “The employers’ organizations ended up making a commitment to start negotiations on (this) subject as of 21 February “, she adds. Very weakened by the pandemic, the hotel and catering branch is also facing serious recruitment difficulties. The CFDT calls in particular for the “end of the derogatory system of increases in overtime”, the “increase in night work, weekends and public holidays” or even “supervision and compensation for cuts”.

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On the employers’ side, the president of the GNI (independent of the hotel and catering industry), Didier Chenet, told AFP that apart from the CFDT, “no other union” had not announced “for the moment” its intention to sign the agreement on wages. They have until January to do so. “If other unions do not oppose it, it can pass,” he said. “FO said she would not sign, but would not oppose, and the CGT seems on the same line,” he said. “It is a carefully considered and worked out grid, we have made considerable efforts, particularly in the situation we are experiencing,” underlined Mr. Chenet. Last Thursday, the CGT judged the increase “far from the mark”, while “the attractiveness of the trades in this sector requires a significant investment”.

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