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Hostinger promo code (2022): 74% immediate discount

According to 01Net’s Hostinger promo code (2022): 74% immediate discount
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Hostinger is the highest rated web host by our experts, and we currently have a coupon code that can save you 10%, in addition to the current promotions on its hosting plans. This makes it possible to obtain, in the end, discounts of up to -74%. How can you best optimize all this in order to benefit from the most attractive discount possible? Answer in this article.

Hostinger promo code: get an extra 10% off

Although it offers basic web hosting at a low price, Hostinger gives new customers the opportunity to use a promotional code.

What promo code is it possible to apply on a hosting order at Hostinger? The code we were able to obtain, exclusively for 01net readers, is as follows: 01NET.

Take advantage of the Hostinger promo code

It will be necessary to think of applying it before paying for your order because it will not be done by itself. We will also explain to you a little further down how to use this code.

What discount will you be entitled to with this Hostinger promo code? It allows to obtain 10% reduction.

You will tell us that it is not huge. It’s true. Now, as we suggested in the introduction, this code can be combined with all the promotions offered by the host. So it will be very easy to get discounts of up to -74%.

It is also worth noting that this promo code is valid on absolutely all Hostinger hosting plans. Whether you are looking for a virtual private server (VPS), shared hosting, WordPress, cPanel or Cloud, you can take advantage of the 10% discount.

Finally, we want to highlight the fact that this is the best and only Hostinger promo code available in 2022.

Promotions on all Hostinger web hosting (up to -74%)

As we hinted above, Hostinger regularly offers promotions on all of its offers.

Since it would take too long to review them all, we offer a sample of the rates, discounts and savings that are possible on certain plans:

  • Shared hosting : -71% discount on the “Premium” offer ($2.99 per month instead of $10.19)
  • VPS: the VPS 3 offer will only cost $12.95 per month ($39.95 without promotion, which is equivalent to a 68% discount)
  • WordPress Hosting: $2.99/month for the “Starter” plan, compared to $10.49 in normal times (-71% reduction)
  • Cloud Server: the “Professional” plan at $19.99 per month instead of $39.99, i.e. 50% off.

To find more details (and the full range of offers), do not hesitate to browse the website of the host.

The trick to taking advantage of such promotions is to make a long-term commitment with Hostinger, and to combine the discount offered with the promo code 01NET. Each time, the host allows you to commit to several durations (1 month, 12 months, 24 months or 48 months).

And unsurprisingly, it is by committing to the longest period (48 months) that you will obtain the best discount. Except 1 month subscription, you will get a discount in any case.

Our advice is therefore as follows: make a long-term commitment in order to achieve the greatest savings. By taking into account this promotion and the promo code presented above, you will be able to save several hundred dolars on your bill.

For example, by committing to 4 years with Hostinger for the “Premium” shared hosting plan, and by applying the promo code 01NET, you will save a total of $360.

Tutorial to use Hostinger promo code

With all this information in mind, you might want to know how to use the promotional code.

There is nothing simpler and we will prove it to you. First, go to the official website of the host:

Visit Hostinger

Once on the site, look for the type of accommodation that interests you. If you need shared hosting, you can directly click on the “Order” button that will appear on the screen. The Premium plan is indeed ideal, whether you are looking to create your first site, a small or medium-sized online store, etc.

The next step will require the choice of a commitment period. Once it’s done, provide the information necessary to create your account and then select the payment method.

Below the total price to pay, you will find the following text “Do you have a promotional code?”. Since this is your case, click on this text and enter the Hostinger promo code: 01NET.

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Then press “Apply” to validate the set.

Hostinger promo code appThe promotional code is now applied to your order at Hostinger © WF News

All you have to do is provide the necessary information for payment and click on “Pay securely”. After all that, you can use your hosting and create your own website.

Hostinger: presentation of the web host

As a conclusion to this article presenting the promo code and promotions offered by Hostinger, we are going to present you a little more about this host.

First of all, it is important to note that it is the best web host that we have had the opportunity to test so far. Regardless of the type of web hosting you choose, you will have access to a fairly impressive price/quality ratio.

Despite low prices, Hostinger is the host that will guarantee you the best performance in 2022. We had the opportunity to confirm this by extensively testing its various offers.

With datacenters around the world, including one in France, and Tier 3 certification for each of them, you can count on an uptime approaching 99.99%. The speed of your site should also be good, in particular thanks to the provision of a web server using LiteSpeed ​​technology (and that without the slightest additional cost).

With most Hostinger plans, you will have the right to: a free domain name for 1 year, free SSL certificates, Cloudflare protection, large amounts of SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, the possibility of hosting several sites with a single subscription,…

As far as customer support is concerned, the host responds present. It offers a live chat that allows you to dialogue with a technician, 24/7 and without any interruption. In addition to that, many resources are available to help you manage your hosting and your website.

Has all this convinced you to choose Hostinger? In this case, copy the 01NET code and apply it to your web hosting order:

Take advantage of the Hostinger promo code


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