“Hospitable impact” of the 4th wave, Afghanistan sinks into chaos, Messi without Barça… The news of this Friday

The news Wave of hospitalizations. “The increase in the number of new hospitalizations and admissions in critical care has accelerated ” last week, ” confirming the hospital impact of this fourth epidemic wave ” of Covid – 19, indicates Friday Public Health France, which notes a rejuvenation of hospitalized patients. According to the Ministry of Health, 87% of patients in intensive care are not vaccinated. However, the evolution of the Covid positivity rate – decreased in France this week. Read our article.

Why Messi would have left Barça. The president of FC Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta, gave a press conference this Friday to clarify the reasons for the departure of the Argentine prodigy Lionel Messi. According to him, La Liga is responsible for the divorce. Read our article.

Traditional hunts deemed illegal. After the glue hunt , several traditional bird hunting methods were banned this Friday by a decision of the Council of State, which deemed them “illegal”. We cannot now plus hunt “crested lapwings, golden plovers, skylars, thrushes and blackbirds using nets (pantes, tenderies) or cages (matoles)” . A decision hailed by animal protection associations and scolded by hunters.

The first Afghan provincial capital falls into the hands of the Taliban . The Taliban seized on Friday the city of Zaranj, in southwestern Afghanistan, on the border with Iran, the first provincial capital to fall into their hands since the start of their offensive in May. After twenty years of presence, the withdrawal of American troops precipitated the country into a new war that government forces trained and equipped by the United States must face it alone.

Germany imposes a quarantine on travelers coming from the south of France . Travelers – unvaccinated – coming from three regions of France where the epidemic is actively circulating (Occitanie, Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur and Corsica) will have to isolate themselves ten days upon arrival in Germany. The measure will be implemented from Sunday. Read our article.

Dry, the highest dam in the United States shut down. The Californian authorities have announced the historic shutdown of the gigantic Oroville dam , due to an unprecedented drought which emptied a large part of the lake. Read our article.

New IPCC report in sight. Delegates from 87 countries approved the new forecast for UN climate experts (IPCC) who will not be revealed until Monday. The report “was approved and accepted during a first virtual session of historic approval”, writes the IPCC. Its members had been meeting since 22 July behind closed doors and virtually to negotiate line by line, word by word, the “summary for decision makers” of this new climate assessment, seven years later the last.

Defeat of French basketball players at the Olympics. There will be no grand slam for the French team sports teams engaged in the Tokyo Games: the basketball players bit the dust this Friday against the Japanese, more aggressive and with great precision at three points. Read our article.

Production at half mast after the spring frost. French wine production should be down by 24 % To 30 % in 2021 and be at a “historically low” level due in particular to the severe episode of spring frost, according to figures from the Ministry of Agriculture. French fruit trees have also been affected, in particular apricots whose harvest 2020 should be reduced by half, compared to the average 2016 – 2020. It would be the worst harvest in forty-two years.

To read also on Liberation.fr The fed up of pharmacists. Worn out by the workload during the pandemic, the bosses and employees of pharmacies are now subjected to violence, perpetrated both on the sidelines of demonstrations against health measures and on a daily basis. Read our article.

Christiane Taubira 2022. Ira, will not go? In the depths of summer, the rumor started from almost nothing: a few sentences exchanged in Lot-et-Garonne with enthusiastic activists and now the press lends presidential intentions to former minister Christiane Taubira. As always, the interested party lets it flow. Read our article.

Travel in time of Covid. How to travel abroad this summer when you are French? While almost all travel is subject to the health pass, Liberation takes stock of entry procedures and health restrictions in the countries most popular with hexagonal tourists. Read our article.

Hunting for “fake news”. What “disinformation” about Covid got Sky News Australia suspended by YouTube? Check News answers a question from one of our readers. Read our article.

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