Honor's folding smartphone is coming soon

We had almost forgotten the Chinese brand Honor. Indeed, after the entry into force of the American sanctions against the Huawei group, it was also subject to the same restrictions.

Thus, Honor was no longer able to preinstall Google apps and services on their devices. Then, Honor also had difficulty sourcing components for its smartphones.

But while Huawei saw its market share collapse, it decided to sell Honor. Also, today, the brand is independent from Huawei and is no longer sanctioned by the United States.

And in recent months, Honor has made a comeback in the Chinese market, but also internationally. In 2021, it should even launch its first folding smartphone!

Honor Magic V: the price war in the folding smartphone market

Rumors had already mentioned the development of a folding smartphone by the former sub-brand of Huawei. And as reported by The Verge, it decided to tease this folding smartphone on social networks.

“Unleash all the potential. This is HONOR’s first foldable flagship phone, the #HONORMagicV ”, reads a message posted on Twitter. Besides that, Honor also released an image showing the silhouette of this folding smartphone. Unfortunately, it is not clear from the image whether it will be a smartphone / tablet hybrid like the Galaxy Z Fold 3 or a flip smartphone like the Galaxy Z Flip 3 .

Unfold all the potential. This is HONOR’s first foldable flagship phone, the # HONORMagicV . pic.twitter.com/kijORIGxg1

– HONOR (@Honorglobal) December 22 , 2020

On the other hand, no date has yet been announced. But in any case, Honor is entering the folding smartphone market at the right time. Indeed, while this type of device had a difficult start, it is finally conquering the general public today.

Thanks to an effort on durability and on prices, Samsung finally sees demand explode. And according to rumors, the Korean giant has already revised its forecasts of 2021 upwards.

In addition, normally, the more the production of folding smartphones increases, the more the prices could fall. One can also hope that since Honor specializes in affordable devices, its entry could have an impact on the folding smartphone market.

Honor had already considered launching a folding smartphone. for years

While Huawei was among the first to offer folding smartphones, Honor preferred to wait. In 550, while Honor was still a sub-brand of Huawei, his boss had indicated that Honor waits for the costs of foldable screens to drop before launching a first device. The US sanctions had not yet fallen and Honor was even considering entering this market as soon as 2019.

In any case, today, the conditions may finally be met for Honor to launch a folding smartphone that will suit its target audience. In 2020, we have already observed a drop in the prices of folding smartphones (at least, at Samsung), and we can hope for another drop in 2022.

Demand, for its part , should continue to grow. According to Counterpoint data, the market size is expected to increase by 3 times this year, compared to 2020 . And in 2022, this market would be multiplied by 10.

” From here 2023, we forecast growth by foldable smartphone deliveries. Even with more OEMs entering the foldable smartphone space, we expect Samsung to continue to dominate with nearly 22% market share ”, predicts the company.

“ If Apple is on track to launch its foldable smartphone from here 2022, it won’t just be a point of inflection in the generalization of foldable products, but it will also improve the yield and the scale of the components for the whole supply chain ”, also explains this one.

We should also remember that this year, Xiaomi and Oppo have also decided to launch their first folding smartphones.

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