Holidays: Understanding everything about cancellation insurance

If you want to take advantage of advantageous rates, it is better to book your plane ticket and accommodation on the other side of the world several months in advance. Except that by anticipating too much, we expose ourselves to a wide range of unforeseen events that can ultimately spoil the stay . The solution ? Take out a trip cancellation guarantee.

What reasons are accepted?

Giving up your vacation at the last moment is not only frustrating but also very expensive. Unless you have taken your precautions, you will be in your pocket for the full price of your plane ticket, while the amount of the stay and the rental of the accommodation remaining at your expense will increase as the scheduled departure date approaches. The cancellation insurance then aims to reimburse the costs retained by the tour operators and the rental companies.

But be careful, to make it work, you must be the victim of a serious circumstance, unpredictable and beyond your control forcing you to forgo your trip. While the risks covered vary from one contract to another, most often we find illnesses, accidents or death to which the insured or his family (spouse, children or traveling companions) may be victims. Certain personal events such as major damage to your home or vehicle, theft of identity papers or even professional impediment (dismissal, transfer, modification of leave, etc.) may also be taken into account.

The most comprehensive insurances offer “all justified causes” cover, provided that they are also sudden, unforeseeable and beyond your control.

Who to turn to?

The great diversity of the market offers requires that you look twice before committing. This protection is first of all often included in the price of an organized stay or offered as a supplement by the tour operator. For fans of the dry flight (taken alone), be aware that cancellation insurance can also be added when booking your plane ticket or train for a few extra euros. However, the ideal remains to opt for a modifiable ticket until departure. In addition, high-end bank cards also often include various guarantees, including cancellation insurance.

Finally, the packaged formulas offered by specialized travel insurers are more expensive (between 3 and 6% of the cost of the stay) but generally include cancellation fees, as well as assistance guarantees, repatriation or even protection for your luggage. An appreciable safety net when you know that the slightest hospital stay abroad can cost several thousand or even tens of thousand euros …

What points of vigilance?

Like any insurance, this type protection includes inevitable exclusion clauses, deductibles and compensation limits that can tip the balance. A careful comparison is therefore imperative before committing.

In any case, be aware that changes of mind or your negligence (such as an expired passport or the lack of visa) will never give effect to a cancellation guarantee. Likewise, this insurance covers only your contingencies and not those of the service providers you use. In the event of default by the tour operator or the airline, it is the latter who will have to reimburse you.

The Covid – is a game changer

Cancellation insurance usually does not cover epidemics. But, in the midst of a health crisis, contracts had to be adapted to meet the needs of tourists and the new requirements of many countries which condition access to their territory on the purchase of travel insurance covering health costs. in the event of on-site coronavirus contamination.

As an option or directly integrated into basic protection, the specific consequences of Covid – 19 can then be covered. In this case, it is possible to be reimbursed when a positive coronavirus test prevents your departure or a member of your immediate family has a severe form of the disease. Likewise, the repatriation and early return guarantees will work in the event of Covid – , as will the coverage of your medical expenses, even hotel if you are quarantined there. On the other hand, the tightening of the conditions of stay (curfew, confinement, etc.) will not allow the cancellation insurance to come into play.

Remember to consult the official website to follow the evolution of restrictions according to your destination.