His penis would have shrunk because of the Covid-19

After the nose and the throat, would the Covid-19 attack also on the penis? In any case, this is what an American thirty-year-old thinks, who declares that after contracting the Covid-19, his reproductive organ would have lost a few precious centimeters . There could be a scientific explanation behind this sad miniaturization.

He had a “bigger than average” penis before this incident

We do not know his name, because he testified on condition of anonymity in the context of the podcast How To Do It, but this American presents himself as a “heterosexual man, in his thirties”. In a letter, he explains that he had a ‘a “height above average”. Well, that was before. Before the arrival of the Covid-19, which he allegedly contracted last July. Despite his relatively young age, the virus would have taken him to the hospital, and that is where things would have become complicated, sexually speaking.

He explains: “When I got out of the hospital, I started having

erectile dysfunction”, before continuing: “ Before being sick , my penis was above average size. Not huge, but clearly bigger than normal. Now I lost and I’m below average


According to this man , who obviously wanted to give this information despite his anonymity, the Covid-19 is clearly the culprit of his misfortune and of his loss of confidence.

A rare but real symptom?

But can the coronavirus really be the cause of such a disorder? Yes, according to Dr. Charles Welliver and Ashley Winter, who reportedly confirmed to 101145New York Post that Covid-19 can (although rarely) cause erectile dysfunction and penile shrinkage , because of a problem affecting the blood vessels .

Do not panic however, they assure that treatment with the blue pill associated with some stretching exercises (using a penis pump for example) would allow the affected organs to recover their original size…that it is above or below the average at the base.

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