High start for the requalification of the Beauregard district in Poissy

Published on 21 Dec. 2021 at 9: 39 Updated on 21 Dec. 2021 at 9: 40

After the urban requalification programs underway in districts of Mantes-la-Jolie, Chanteloup-les-Vignes, Limay and Les Mureaux, it is the turn of the Beauregard district in Poissy (Yvelines) to benefit from a large-scale operation. The latter is managed directly by the Grand-Paris-Seine-et Oise urban community, the city and the department; it is not part of the operations carried out by the National Agency for Urban Renovation (Anru).

Located to the south of the city, the premises occupy a strategic sector, close to major highways (A , A 14, N 13). The program, initiated within the framework of the ongoing development projects of the Hauts de Poissy, aims to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants (approximately 13 % Population). More than 5. 500 inhabitants will in particular benefit from rehabilitation work on their homes (336 condominiums and 1. 724 social housing). Five social landlords are concerned: Domnis, Résidences Yvelines Essonne, Batigère, Toit et Joie, Vlogia.

A project at 58 millions of euros

There are also plans to redefine public spaces (pedestrianization, adaptation of parking, construction of play areas and social spaces, etc.) and to strengthen connections with surrounding neighborhoods. Finally, a public services house and a health center will also open their doors. The cost of the operation is estimated at 40 million euros, financed by the city, the urban community, donors and the Yvelines department . The latter has planned 20, 8 million euros for the support of the operation.

The department supports the project

The department is supporting this urban renewal project through Prior’Yvelines , its recovery and intervention system for the residential offer. This program intends to “initiate and support new quality and diversified residential development projects, by providing expertise and financing”. During its meeting of 14 last December, the department adopted four Prior’Yvelines conventions.

In addition to Poissy, Carrières-sous-Poissy, Conflans-Sainte-Honorine and Montesson will also benefit from financial assistance. Concerning Carrières-sous-Poissy, the department budgeted 6.9 million euros, or half of the total cost of the project. The other funders are the Grand-Paris-Seine-et-Oise urban community and a social landlord. This project concerns the Quartier des Fleurs (inhabited by 20% of Carriérois) in full development. This involves restructuring public and residential spaces and opening up the district to the city.