Here's how to become a business with a mission

By Pierre-Henri de Menthon the 21. 12.2021 at 14 h 36 4 min read Subscribers

INTERVIEW- The auditing and consulting firm BDO France has become a company with a mission. Its chairman of the board, Arnaud Naudan, looks back on this experience and the lessons to be learned from it.

Arnaud Naudan is Chairman of the Management Board of BDO France


Challenges. The French branch of BDO, the world’s fifth largest auditing and consulting group, has adopted the status of a mission company , a first in this sector. Why this step?

Arnaud Naudan . I launched this project as soon as I took office a year ago. I have long been convinced that beyond profit, a company has a responsibility towards society. Going to status of company with mission is an important act, especially when you have 1. 500 employees. This path corresponds to an expectation, in particular of the young graduates that we recruit . From a strategic point of view, it was about aligning our organization around our ambitions. In other words, being a company with a mission is at the heart of our strategy.

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