Hérault: two women stabbed to death, one individual arrested

DRAMA – According to local press reports, two women were found dead on the second floor of an apartment in Roujan, in the Herault. A suspect has been arrested.

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This Friday evening, two people were found dead in Roujan (Hérault), near Béziers. According to information from the local press, these are two women, killed by several stab wounds on the second floor of a building in the center of the town. A suspect was arrested by the gendarmes, after fleeing.

The motives of the suspect still unknown

“I do have information of a double homicide and of an arrest”, confirmed with the Free Lunch Raphaël Balland, public prosecutor of Béziers. For the time being, no information has been given as to the links between the suspect and his victims or his motivations. “You still have to be very careful”, insisted the prosecutor. The facts would have taken place at the beginning of the evening, between 21h and 15h30. While waiting for the circumstances of this tragedy to become clearer, the public prosecutor had to go to the scene.

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