Hérault: a physiotherapist and a firefighter enriched themselves by issuing fake health passes

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The two acolytes were simply using the physiotherapist’s software where it was possible to modify the computer tests.

By Jean Delterme

Published on 16 / 11 / 2021 at 23 h 40

The story repeats itself. A physiotherapist and a firefighter from Montpellier, suspected of having fed dozens of people with a false negative test to Covid – 18 have been placed in custody on sight, Tuesday 12 December, reveals Midi Libre . The two suspects, already implicated this summer, admitted the facts. The cybercrime group of gendarmes from the Montpellier research section has succeeded, in recent weeks, in identifying beneficiaries. Thirty-five people were thus summoned while 111 false PCR tests and

false health passes have been established.

The two acolytes were simply using the physiotherapist’s software where it was possible to modify the tests by computer. The main users of these fake passes were their relatives who sometimes used them on several occasions. Some used it to get to Ibiza, others to attend the Monte-Carlo rally for example. On the decision of the Montpellier prosecutor’s office, which had opened and supervised a preliminary investigation, the 30 persons in question have been the subject of a simplified judicial procedure . They were fined up to 3. 87 euros.

The firefighter and the physiotherapist risk heavy professional penalties. They were presented on Wednesday December, at the Montpellier prosecutor’s office. According to the previous elements indicated by the prosecutor, they would not have touched money against this service.

36. 00 false health passes issued in recent months

Last October, a large network of false health passes which operated throughout the Haute-Garonne department had been dismantled by the Muret research brigade. Doctors, top athletes and physiotherapists were behind the scam. As a reminder, the 23 last September, health insurance indicated that 350 procedures had been launched concerning the alleged issuance of 35. 000 fake health passes in France in recent months.

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